Notice of Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Soliciting Opinions on 12 Local Standards including”Anhua Dark Tea Qianliang Tea” (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)
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   According to the requirements of the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision document”Notice on Issuing the First Batch of Hunan Provincial Local Standards Establishment and Revision Project Plans in 2015″, Hunan Agricultural University, Anhua Black Tea Research Institute, Anhua Tea Brigade The Hunan Provincial Local Standards”Anhua Dark Tea Qianliang Tea”,”Anhua Dark Tea Fucha”,”Anhua Dark Tea Brick Tea”,”Anhua Dark Tea Black Brick Tea”,”Anhua Dark Tea””Hua dark tea black hair tea”,”Anhua dark tea Xiangjian tea”,”Anhua dark tea brewing and drinking methods”,”Anhua dark tea processing general technology”,”Anhua dark tea general technical requirements”,” Anhua Dark Tea Finished Product Processing Technical Regulations, Anhua Heimao Tea Processing Technical Regulations, and Anhua Dark Tea Cultivation Technical Specifications have been drafted for solicitation. According to the requirements of the Local Standard Management Measures, it is now open to the public for solicitation opinion. Welcome to put forward your valuable comments and fill in the”Feedback Form for Soliciting Comments”.
   Please give feedback to Hunan Agricultural University before February 6, 2021. Thank you for your participation and support.
  Contact address:Hunan Agricultural University, Furong District, Changsha City
  Contact:Xiao Lizheng
  Contact number:13975176978
   Email:[email protected]
   Standardization Division of Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Administration
   January 7, 2021