Notice of Hubei Food Science and Technology Association on the solicitation of special freshwater fish preservation and transportation group standard projects
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   is a powerful technology for realizing long-distance, high-density, intensive, high-quality keeping alive transportation of characteristic freshwater fish, and overcoming the quality and safety control of the whole process of keeping alive circulation. Promote the expansion of the live fish sales market and sales radius, and improve the economic benefits of the characteristic freshwater fish industry, in accordance with the relevant regulations in the”Standardization Law of the People’s Republic of China”,”Regulations on the Management of Group Standards” and”Regulations on the Management of Group Standards of the Hubei Institute of Food Science and Technology” , Publicly solicit the standards for the preservation and transportation of characteristic freshwater fish. It is hoped that relevant units will organize an application. The specific requirements are as follows:

   1. Declaration Principles

   (1) Comply with the requirements of relevant national laws, regulations and mandatory standards;

  (2) The group standard declaration should have a sufficient preliminary research foundation, and the main technical indicators and standard content should be scientific and reasonable;

   (3) The reporting unit voluntarily participates in the preparation/revision of the group standard;

  (4) The project declaration shall follow the principles of openness, fairness and justice.

   2. Declaration procedures

   (1) The application unit carefully fills in the”Hubei Food Science and Technology Association Group Standard Project Application Form” (attachment), in electronic version (word format) and paper The version (in duplicate) should be submitted to the secretariat of the society with the official seal of the relevant unit.

   (2) After the institute has demonstrated and approved the project, the organization shall be unified and the preparation shall be organized and specific work shall be carried out in accordance with the”Hubei Provincial Institute of Food Science and Technology Standards Preparation and Revision Work Procedure”.

  (3) After the declaration of the group standard, the society will organize a review in due course according to the application situation, and the society will review and approve the group standard, unified numbering, and in the national group standard information platform (Http:// website is released.

   (4) Deadline for declaration:December 8, 2020

  Contact person:Ren Jingnan 027-87282187

   Email:[email protected]

  Address:No. 1 Shizishan Street, Nanhu, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

   Hubei Provincial Food Science and Technology Association

   December 1, 2020