Northwest A&F University makes important progress in basic scientific research in 2020
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   In 2020, the vast number of scientific and educational personnel of Northwest A&F University will adhere to the”four aspects”, rigorously pursue academic studies, pursue truth, and climb the peak. A large number of scientific research teams focus on national importance Needs, gather intelligence to tackle key problems, unite and cooperate, and concentrate on research, and have made a series of important research progress in basic scientific research.

   College of Agriculture:The wheat genomics team has made new progress in the field of adaptive evolution and speciation of barley, analyzing phenotypes, genotypes, and transcriptional expression at multiple levels The molecular mechanism of the adaptive evolution of wild barley microenvironment is provided, which provides the most direct evidence for the theory of co-domain speciation, and provides important information for revealing the source of species diversity and the basis of plant variation.

   Institute of Plant Protection:The functional genomics team of pathogenic fungi has made new progress in the field of interaction between Fusarium head blight and wheat, revealing that pathogenic fungi and orphan proteins of the host are involved in disease occurrence The function of the process clarified its competitive interaction mechanism, established a new mode of interaction between pathogenic fungi and host plants, and laid an important foundation for the development of new strategies for the prevention and control of wheat head blight.

   School of Horticulture:Fruit tree stress biology team has made new progress in the new mechanism of sugar transporter coordinating sugar accumulation in fruit, explaining why the glucose and fructose in fruit The content of equal hexose can reach 10%of fresh weight, while the content of leaves and other organs is less than 1%. It is revealed that two different families of sugar transporters on the vacuolar membrane can coordinate the regulation of sugar accumulation, which provides a new idea for improving fruit quality through molecular breeding in the future.

   School of Animal Science:The genetic improvement and germplasm innovation team of cashmere sheep has made original discoveries—the disease resistance of modern goats comes from gene infiltration of related species, which clarifies The broad-spectrum adaptability of modern goats is derived from the MUC6 gene of other species obtained through cross-breeding. This gene, together with other domesticated genes, helped goats become the first domesticated animals to be successfully domesticated and spread widely.

  Grass Industry College:Turfgrass physiology and ecology research team has made new progress in brassinolide regulation of plant salt tolerance, and put forward a new point of view:appropriate increase BR level or enhancement of BR signal transduction is beneficial to improve the salt tolerance of plants. However, excessive BR is disadvantageous to the salt tolerance of plants like insufficient BR.

   School of Medicine:The research team of major animal disease pathogen infection and pathogenic mechanism has made new progress in the field of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus humoral immune response and analyzed the pig The mechanism of the humoral immune response after the reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) infects the host, and the role of neutralizing antibodies in PRRSV immune protection, open a new direction for the future development and prevention of new vaccines for PRRSV.

  Forest College:The Zanthoxylum bungeanum team has made new progress in the efficient utilization and protection of Zanthoxylum bungeanum germplasm resources, and systematically studied the genetic diversity and varieties of Zanthoxylum bungeanum and Zanthoxylum bungeanum The genetic relationship and the origin of cultivation are of great significance to the efficient utilization and protection of Zanthoxylum bungeanum germplasm resources.

   College of Landscape Architecture:The garden and landscape design team has made new progress in the field of landscape garden microclimate suitability design. The study combines the characteristics of human physiology and thermal response to propose an open space The landscape optimization design strategy provides theoretical support for analyzing the mechanism of thermal comfort regulation in open spaces from multiple perspectives, and provides technical guidance for improving the suitability design of thermal comfort in open spaces.

   Institute of Resources and Environmental Sciences:Soil nitrogen and carbon conversion mechanism and regulation team has made new progress in soil acidification caused by nitrogen fertilizers leading to the loss of inorganic carbon in China’s farmland. It was first estimated in 1980 From the year 2020 to 2020, the amount of soil inorganic nitrogen loss caused by soil acidification caused by the application of nitrogen fertilizer and nitrogen deposition in farmland in China, and the scenario analysis method is used to predict the impact of nitrogen fertilizer application and nitrogen deposition on the soil inorganic carbon storage in China by 2100 It provides a scientific basis for comprehensive evaluation of soil carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions and soil fertility changes caused by the application of nitrogen fertilizer in China.

  Water Construction College:The agricultural habitat system process simulation and management team has made new progress in the mechanism and numerical simulation of the influence of soil water stress on the growth and yield formation of winter wheat. A new method of fusion of meteorological data and a dynamic irrigation strategy for corn in the season was proposed.

  Information Institute:The agricultural information acquisition and intelligent control team has made new progress in the analysis and optimization of information age in the edge computing Internet of Things. The institute design algorithm does not need to introduce additional calculations The process is to verify the convexity of the optimization problem or obtain the derivatives of the objective function, which has good convergence and wide applicability.

   Food Institute:Food Molecular Nutrition and Health team discovered a new mechanism for intermittent fasting to reduce cognitive impairment in diabetes, revealing that intestinal flora and metabolites are intermittent Fasting mode improves the important participation mechanism in diabetes and cognitive impairment, and provides new enlightenment for nutritional intervention and improvement of metabolism-related health problems.

   Wine Institute:The viticulture and quality improvement team has made new progress in the field of grape proanthocyanidins, discussing the synthesis, transport, astringency characteristics and detection methods of grape proanthocyanidins Research progress and prospects for future research in this field are of great significance for people to better understand grape proanthocyanidins.

   School of Life:Arid area biomass energy research team reveals the molecular regulation mechanism of plant carbon transport and found that the regulation of AtSUC2 transport activity depends on its ubiquitination and phosphorylation Modified, it is found that plants lacking regulatory factors have greater biomass and yield, and it is proposed that the regulatory proteins that control SUCs may be a more feasible way to improve plant productivity.

   School of Chemical Pharmacy:Asymmetric catalytic synthesis team has made new progress in the field of amine chiral compound synthesis, achieving both reductive amination and asymmetric in one reaction vessel The chemical transformation of hydrogenation can build multiple chemical bonds in one step, which significantly improves the synthesis efficiency of related amine chiral compounds, and provides a very potential way for the green and efficient synthesis of related amine chiral drugs.

   School of Economics and Management:The Sino-Russian agricultural science and technology development policy team has made new progress in digital agricultural operation management, which is identified from the three stages of infrastructure construction, application upgrade and mature outbreak The six key issues faced by digital agricultural operation and management are conducive to promoting the leap from mechanization and electrification to digital intelligence in my country’s modern agriculture and the construction of a Chinese academic discourse system in the emerging field of digital agricultural operation and management.

   Soil and Water Conservation Institute:The vegetation dynamics and surface process research team has made new progress in the study of the impact of land use on the interannual fluctuations of the terrestrial carbon cycle, revealing from the perspective of human activities The mechanism that affects the dynamics of the global terrestrial carbon cycle has theoretically improved the research methods of the terrestrial carbon cycle. Land management should focus on reducing carbon emissions caused by deforestation and improving the carbon sinks of secondary ecosystems to climate change resilience and other climate change mitigation Ecological governance provides a scientific basis.