New export supervision warehouse in Yantai helps Apple exports
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   On January 5, Yantai Qilu Quanyuan’s export apple distribution supervision warehouse was established with the approval of Qingdao Customs. This export-supervised warehouse is the second export-supervised warehouse under the jurisdiction of Yantai Customs. It is located in Qixia, the main apple producing area of ​​Yantai, with an area of ​​2100 square meters. It will rely on policy advantages to help enterprises build a one-stop platform for Apple transportation, storage and export, and serve more than 50 jurisdictions An apple export company.

   Yantai Apple has a long history, and Qixia is the main producing area of ​​Yantai Apple, with an annual output of more than 2 million tons and a total annual income of more than 12 billion yuan. Local farmers’ economy 90%of income comes from the fruit industry. Qixia apples are exported to more than 60 countries and regions on five continents, of which ASEAN, South Asia and the Middle East are the main ones, with an annual export value of 400 million US dollars.

  ”Qixia City currently has more than 50 Apple import and export companies. Affected by the epidemic this year, Apple’s export pressure is very high. Customs export supervision warehouses are set up to integrate Apple export resources can meet the actual needs of more than 50 companies in Qixia. It is a great and good thing to serve Qixia companies and the people.” Jiang Yanquan, head of Qilu Quanyuan Supply Chain Co., Ltd. lamented.

   It is understood that since Yantai Customs has received an application from an enterprise for consulting the establishment of an export supervision warehouse, it immediately selects business backbones to learn about the situation and conduct a comprehensive connection with the enterprise , Preach the customs export supervision warehouse policy, help enterprises improve hardware facilities, improve quality management level, guide the standard provision of materials, accurately apply the approval system, and the materials are finally successfully approved.

The successful establishment of    Yantai Qiluquanyuan export apple distribution-type supervision warehouse will further integrate the apple export resources of Yantai jurisdiction, enhance the development of the apple industry chain, and adjust the status of Yantai apple export Provide stronger support for Yantai Apple Group to attack overseas markets, and inject new momentum into the construction of a professional Apple industry smart supply chain to create a model for rural revitalization and Qilu.