National tea industry technology system focuses on key issues to carry out technological research
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   On January 6-7, the National Tea Industry Technology System 2020 Annual Working Conference was held in Hangzhou. Six research directors, 27 post experts, 29 station directors and some team members from the national tea industry technology system attended the meeting.

  The meeting focused on the progress of technical research on major and key issues, the progress of serving the county economy, service policy consultation and suggestions, emergency services, scientific and technological poverty alleviation, and docking service companies. 9 A comprehensive summary of the various work carried out by the system in 2020 and the main achievements achieved in all aspects. The directors of the research offices, post scientists, and the heads of the test stations respectively report on their work.

   In 2020, the system will integrate and demonstrate tea mechanized standardized production technology, efficient and harmless treatment of tea tree pests, and diversification of tea to adapt to supply-side structural reforms New progress has been made in technical research on three major key issues, including technical research, to solve the current technical problems that restrict the development of the tea industry; focus on the development of scientific and technological services in Ziyang County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, and Guzhang County, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province, to realize county economy High-quality development; a lot of fruitful work has been done in service policy advisory suggestions and emergency services to support the decision-making of governments at all levels and play a better role as a think tank; 180 technical training sessions were held throughout the year, and 2,800 technical consultations were provided. Technical training 15,000 people and tea farmers provide strong support for tea production in poor areas.