National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center organizes internal audit of quality system
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   On December 25, 2020, in accordance with the center’s annual quality management work plan and approved by the deputy director of quality management of the Food Evaluation Center, Li Ning, organize the internal quality system Audit work. Han Hongwei, director of the risk communication department of the center, and a researcher of the Resource Cooperation Office, a total of 10 quality system internal audit experts from various departments of the Center for Quality Management, participated in the internal audit.

   At the first meeting, according to the instructions of the center’s deputy director Li Ning before the meeting, Zhu Chuansheng of the verification center emphasized that the internal audit of the quality system is the first This important quality management work is a comprehensive evaluation of whether the central management system is operating effectively, and is an important measure and means to ensure the continuous and sound operation of the central management system. The laboratories of the verification center should closely cooperate with internal audit experts to provide relevant supporting materials and information .

  The internal audit experts conducted on-site inspections and personnel interviews with the management of the center, the laboratories of the verification center and other related departments in accordance with relevant national management documents and center quality system documents The implementation of quality management system documents in the inspection and certification work has been fully and carefully reviewed by means of inspection records and other means.

After the audit by the    internal audit team, it was concluded that the center’s quality management system is basically effective, and all departments can follow the center’s quality management regulations and achieve quality management goals, focusing on quality management system documents It is required to carry out inspection and certification work to form standardized quality and technical records. Regarding the problems and non-conformities found in the audit, the internal audit experts communicated with relevant departments on-site at the final meeting, and requested that the non-conformance work control procedures be initiated, effective measures should be taken, and reforms should be implemented.