National Feed Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) successfully passed the international proficiency test 7 times in 2020
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   In order to ensure the effective control of laboratory testing quality, the National Feed Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) (hereinafter referred to as the”Center”) participated in the UK 6 times in 2020 FAPAS (Food Analytical Capability Evaluation System) and the 1st UK LGC (British Government Chemist Laboratory) organized an international competency comparison in the field of feed, involving 5 areas including nutrients, mycotoxins, microorganisms, pesticide residues and illegal additives18 All test items and proficiency test results are satisfactory.

  Illegal additives proficiency testing activities, clenbuterol test results deviation (Z value) is zero, ranking first in the verification laboratory; , DDT proficiency testing activities, withstood the test of multi-residue, low-content pesticide residues; the vitamin E project proficiency test has achieved zero breakthroughs in the”center” vitamin field proficiency test; crude protein, crude fiber, total phosphorus, zearalene Proficiency testing activities such as ketones, melamine, and salmonella also adhere to the”center”‘s consistent and rigorous style, and have achieved satisfactory results. These international proficiency testing activities prove that the”center” has international level testing capabilities, has a high-quality testing team, and the testing data is internationally recognized.

   Over the past few years, the”center” has insisted on participating in international proficiency testing activities. On the one hand, it tests the testing capabilities of the”center” and on the other hand exercises the”center” staff to continuously improve itself Testing skills lay a solid foundation of technology and capabilities for the”center” to better serve the industry, the government, and the service system.