Myanmar imports 800,000 tons of soybean dregs for animal feed production each year
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   According to a report by the Seventh News on December 14, the Secretary-General of the Myanmar Fisheries Federation, Wu Wenzhai, introduced that Myanmar needs to import more than 800,000 tons of soybean oil dregs every year as raw materials for the production of animal feed such as chicken, pigs and fish.

   It is reported that due to the expansion of investment by foreign companies and local enterprises, the demand for raw materials for animal feed production has increased. Other raw materials such as bran and corn can be purchased locally. Imported raw materials.
   According to Wu Ming Guoguo, Secretary-General of the Myanmar Bean and Sesame Merchants Association, the association understands that the 20,000 tons of soybean oil residue (raw material) currently docked at YM SUMMIT Hailun in Yangon Port is used as feed material for chicken imported.
   Wu Wenzhai said that soybeans can be grown all over Myanmar and are cheaper to grow than other crops. However, due to the lack of high-value processing chains, soy oil residue raw materials must be imported from abroad. If they can be grown, processed, and produced in China, they do not need to be imported. With the increase of feed factories, the demand for raw materials is also increasing.
   At present, sufficient production of soybean oil residue and other oil crop raw materials required by animal feed plants is related to the development of domestic edible oil processing. Due to the entry of cheap imported palm oil into the market, some peanut, sesame and soybean oil factories have ceased operations, making it difficult to obtain raw materials for oil crops. Since 2016, soybean oil residue must be imported from abroad.