my country’s first patented technology for non-transgenic herbicide-resistant rapeseed successfully transformed
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   Rape is the largest oil crop in my country, and its stable production plays an important role in the national grain and oil safety strategy. The problem of weed control has always plagued rape production. In recent years, the rape team of the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences has been committed to the creation and application of non-GMO herbicide-resistant germplasm, and has made significant progress, ranking internationally and gaining high recognition in the market.
   On January 5, the signing ceremony for the transformation of the patented technology for rape non-transgenic sulfonylurea herbicides developed by the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences was successfully held. Vice President Sun Hongwu, relevant persons in charge of the Achievement Transformation Department of the Academy, the Economic Crop Research Institute, and the President of Long Deng Group specially assisted Luo Zhihao and relevant representatives to attend the signing ceremony.
  Sun Hongwu expressed his gratitude to the enterprises for purchasing the technology of our institute, and he is full of expectations for the cooperation between the two parties to better and faster serve the agricultural farmers of our country. I hope that in the next cooperation, we will always respect each other’s concerns and treat the concerns of both parties. Converge and converge to seek the greatest common divisor to form a joint force for technology transformation and application; always adhering to the concept of win-win, it is difficult to win if one party wins, but only if both parties win, and win together with other stakeholders can continue to win, and the concept of mutual benefit Implement the whole process of the agreement; always adhere to the spirit of science, the signing of the technology transformation agreement is only the beginning, and there are many predictable and unpredictable problems in the widespread application of technology. It is expected that both parties will adhere to the scientific spirit and based on the principle of good faith. Rule of law thinking The rule of law approach deals with subsequent problems, so that the effects of technology are continuously amplified and advanced productivity is formed.
  The relevant person in charge of the Achievement Transformation Office extended a warm welcome to the representatives of the Dragon Power Group who attended the signing ceremony and introduced the specific situation and outstanding results of our institute; Researcher Hu Maolong from the Economic Crop Research Institute introduced the patent technology research and development background, research and development process, and technology on behalf of the research and development team Content and application prospects; Luo Zhihao introduced in detail the development history and key research and development areas of the Dragon Light Group. The two sides also conducted in-depth discussions on the future research field of science and technology cooperation.
  ”The traits and application of resistance to sulfonylurea herbicides in Brassica napus” was completed by the rape team of the Economic Crop Research Institute. This achievement developed a sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide-resistant traits, germplasm and resistance genes in rapeseed with important breeding value through chemical mutagenesis, targeted screening and molecular detection of target genes, and successfully bred new herbicide-resistant rapeseed. Varieties, achieving a successful convergence of linear technical elements such as traits-genes-applications. This technology can effectively carry out the chemical control of weeds in rape fields, develop integrated new technologies and new models for the integrated control of rape weeds, and meet the development needs of modern agriculture.
   The conversion amount of”Sulfonylurea-resistant traits and applications of Brassica napus” is 8 million yuan, realizing the transformation of my country’s first patented technology for non-genetically modified herbicide-resistant rapeseed, marking the”14th Five-Year Plan” An important step in the first year, creating a new situation for international cooperation between science and technology enterprises, is the concrete practice of our institute to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jin Ping’s important speech on the development of science and technology undertakings.