Mudanjiang:Focus on seasonal hot-selling food and promote production according to laws and regulations
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   In order to ensure food safety in the city’s winter tourism market, the Mudanjiang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will fully implement the deployment of Heilongjiang Province’s 2021 “Food Safety and Longjiang Hundred Days Action”, focusing on seasons Selling hot foods, strengthen territorial supervision and implementation of responsibilities, continue to promote operators to produce in accordance with laws and regulations, and ensure the quality and safety of food production in the jurisdiction.

   One is to combine actual prevention and control risks. While implementing the safety management tasks of seasonal food production links such as meat products, dairy products, white wine, frozen food, edible oil, etc., which are popular during the festival, the supervision of small sauerkraut workshops and bean sprouts workshops is included in the supervision of the actual risk prevention and control. The key task of Mudanjiang City’s”Hundred Days of Food Security Longjiang Action”. Strengthen the food safety risk control of small wine shops, sauerkraut small workshops, and bean sprouts small workshops, conduct comprehensive investigations in the jurisdiction, especially in the urban-rural fringe area, further standardize food labeling, and publicize the”Prohibition of the use of bean sprouts in the production process 6 The Announcement on Benzyl Adenine and Other Substances strictly prevent and control”one non-two super”, eliminate illegal production behavior, prohibit unlicensed production, and strive to achieve early detection and early treatment of related food safety issues.

   The second is to strengthen supervision without compromise. Strengthen the management of meat product microbiological excess and”one non-two excess” problem, strictly follow the”Heilongjiang Province Meat Product Production Supervision and Inspection Key List” formulated by the Heilongjiang Provincial Market Supervision Bureau to carry out supervision and inspection, and urge meat product producers to do a good job of frozen meat entry Inspection, production process control, environmental sanitation control, full product inspection and food safety risk investigation. In the past two years, we will inspect all meat production companies that have failed random inspections. In response to the problems found in the inspections, we will supervise the rectification of the enterprises one by one, strengthen the tracking effect, eliminate hidden risks, and lay a solid foundation for food safety.

   The third is to continue to promote to ensure safety. Continue to publicize and implement the”Hygiene Standards for the Production of Longjiang Small Shochu Small Workshops”, and distribute the”Regulated Use of Food Additives” brochures to promote science popularization of food production entities in the jurisdiction. Supervise and urge food producers and operators in their jurisdictions to implement the main responsibility for food safety, to control the three gates of”raw material purchase inspection, production and processing, and finished product inspection”, implement solid-state liquor production and product pre-package management, and carefully investigate potential safety hazards, and improve Self-discovery and self-solving ability to ensure the quality and safety of holiday food.