Mudanjiang City Market Supervision Bureau”Five Rectifications” declared war on illegal acts threatening food safety
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   The Mudanjiang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, carried out the “Hundred Days of Food Security Longjiang Action” in the city, vigorously rectifying the food production and operation There are persistent food safety problems in the link, declare war on illegal acts that threaten food safety, and make every effort to ensure food safety during the holiday season and the city’s winter tourism market.

   One is to vigorously improve the safety of imported food. Carry out a comprehensive investigation of food importers, production and operation enterprises, edible agricultural products wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, fresh food e-commerce, etc., and incorporate the subject information into the”Heilongjiang Cold Chain” traceability platform. Strengthen normal supervision and emergency response, and strictly prevent and control the production, circulation and sales of imported cold chain food from overseas to domestic. Intensify the investigation and punishment of imported foods with unknown sources and incomplete relevant bills, and guide producers and operators to implement special channel purchases, special storage and special sales of imported cold chain foods.

   The second is to vigorously rectify food safety in the production process. Focusing on seasonal foods such as hot-selling meat products, dairy products, liquor, frozen foods, and edible oil during festivals, we will strengthen source management, strict supervision of raw materials and auxiliary materials, strict supervision of production processes, and strict prevention of”one non-two overweight”. Strictly investigate issues such as unlabeled and irregular labels for hot-selling foods during festivals, and declared functions and curative effects of ordinary foods. Further standardize small food production workshops, focusing on strict risk management and control of small wine workshops, sauerkraut workshops and bean sprouts workshops, so as to ensure early detection and early disposal of problematic products.

   The third is to vigorously rectify food safety in circulation. Regulate food operations around campuses, and severely investigate and deal with”three noes” food, expired food, and irregular labeling. Standardize the operation and management of the agricultural wholesale market, standardize the cold storage storage of the entrusted party, strictly implement the requirements for requesting certificates, invoices, and purchase inspection records, and strictly inspect unlabeled pre-packaged foods. Strengthen the safety supervision of large and medium-sized supermarkets, rural bazaars, and rural food sales during the holiday season. Increase food safety supervision in key areas such as tourist attractions, commercial areas, stations, and highway service areas. Strengthen third-party platforms for online food transactions to implement main responsibilities and strengthen supervision and management.

  Fourth is to rectify food safety in catering. Focus on large-scale dining units, tourist attractions and surrounding catering units, and online ordering, and strengthen the supervision of catering food safety. Strictly investigate unlicensed and out-of-scope operations of catering service units, and strictly prohibit the use of raw materials of unknown origin to process food. Carry out special food safety inspections in school (kindergarten) canteens and group meal delivery units during the spring school season.

  Fifth is to vigorously rectify special food safety. Inspect the production and operation of special food, strengthen the inspection of the operation of the special food production quality management system, eliminate hidden risks, and strictly investigate and deal with business units that do not have the main qualifications and operate beyond the approved scope, and have not clearly indicated the special area (counter) logo and health food warnings And failure to sell special foods in a designated area (counter).

   Sixth, while carrying out rectification work, highlight the supervision and sampling of seasonal foods, high-risk foods and edible agricultural products, and strictly trace the source. For unqualified foods found, Strictly investigate and punish in accordance with the law, and strictly implement the”punishment” to deter illegal and criminal acts.