Mingguang City, Chuzhou City, rectification and promotion of small food workshops, prosperity of the market and people’s livelihood
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   severely crack down on one group, actively help one group, upgrade one group, and rectify and close one group. In order to prosper the market and protect the people’s livelihood, Mingguang City of Chuzhou continued to carry out the”Small Food Workshop Improvement Action”. By the beginning of 2021, all 77 small food workshops in the city will achieve complete licenses, and the hygienic environment, product quality, and management practices have all achieved major improvements.

From the beginning of the    operation, the city focused on upgrading and transforming small food workshops, and provided necessary policy assistance and technical guidance to increase the registration rate. During the period, the 4 newly opened food workshops discovered during the inspection were publicized and implemented in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, and through the form of moving them to knowing the feelings and reasoning, and using the case to explain them, they were changed from passive to active and standardized. After rectification, all 4 households passed the inspection and acceptance after applying for the license.

   During the operation, in accordance with the requirements of the State Administration for Market Supervision, the city has established and improved the credit files of small food workshops, and the registration status of the small food workshops and the quality and safety commitments of the small food workshops The status of documents, supervision and inspection and random inspection, investigation and punishment of illegal activities, etc. are carefully recorded and updated dynamically. At the same time, the quality of food produced in all small workshops in the city was sampled and tested, and the test results were all qualified. In the work of cultivating”demonstration food workshops”, the city’s market supervision department issued 55 rectification notices for the problems found in daily inspections.

Since the    action, the city has repeatedly organized market supervision, commerce and other departments to conduct joint inspections, and specifically convened 12 larger bean sprout processing households in the city to hold assistance meetings. Guide operators to standardize and improve the processing environment. The municipal government also allocated 1 million yuan specifically for the promotion and renovation of small workshops in the city, which effectively improved the safety level and development quality of small food workshops in the jurisdiction, promoted the overall improvement of the Mingguang food small workshop industry, and worked hard to improve the dining table of the citizens. The sense of gain, security and happiness on the