Luzhou men produce and sell toxic and harmful aphrodisiac food at a price of 50 and a cost of only 1 yuan…
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   exaggerated packaging, explicit slogans, seditious language such as”natural”,”safe” and”effective”, the essence-illegal addition of prescription drugs is toxic and harmful Aphrodisiac food.

   Recently, Jiangyang police successfully cracked a case involving the production and sale of toxic and harmful food, and destroyed an organized criminal network that produced and sold toxic and harmful food. Luzhou City’s first full-link, full-factor, and full-chain crackdown on crimes in the food and drug sector.

   The Food and Drug Investigation Brigade of Jiangyang District Public Security Bureau received a call from the public that it had bought fake”Viagra” at a stall.

The victim of    said that after taking the box of impotence food, he developed dizziness, red eyes, and body fever. After preliminary investigation, the aphrodisiac food purchased by him illegally added a certain prescription drug. According to relevant laws and regulations, adding to food or health products is an illegal and criminal act.

   Jiangyang District Public Security Bureau, with the cooperation of the Food and Drug Security Detachment of Luzhou Public Security Bureau, quickly cracked this case of producing and selling poisonous and harmful food.

  Peeling the cocoon and drawing silk:Locking behind the producer

  According to the preliminary investigation, the police quickly checked Zheng, the retailer selling this aphrodisiac food, and then followed the vine and quickly locked Zheng’s supplier-Chengdu Middle Shang Li. Li makes a match between manufacturers and retailers to earn the difference. Behind Li is the manufacturer behind the scenes.

The members of the    task force went to Chengdu to carry out a two-month investigation, and mastered the relevant situation of the manufacturer Wang and its production, packaging and storage. Den.

  Multi-pronged approach:destroy criminal dens in one fell swoop< /strong>

   After various investigations, the task force began to close the Internet and arrested 13 suspects involved in the production and sale of toxic and harmful food, as well as Wang Mouqiang, a seller who came to buy goods , Seized 8 production machines, 28 tons of various production main materials, auxiliary materials, finished products and semi-finished products.

   After that, the police arrested Zheng, Jiang, Liu, and Lu, a dealer in Guiyang, in the home of Zheng, a retailer in Luzhou. Pressure to surrender to Jiangyang police.

  Following the cloud:the case is successfully solved< /div>

   After investigation, Wang met an aphrodisiac food raw material supplier, bought production machines and learned production technology in many places.

   Later, Wang rented a factory in the Pidu District of Chengdu, recruiting his father Wang Mouquan, uncle Li Mouhua, aunt Wang Mouren, girlfriend Xue Mou, etc. Thirteen people form a family-style criminal gang, which produces and sells toxic and harmful foods.

   The fake impotence food with a production cost of 1.4 yuan/box is processed and packaged and sold on the market for 50 yuan/box.

  According to preliminary statistics, from March to July 2020, Wang obtained more than 100,000 illegal benefits through the production and sales of toxic and harmful aphrodisiac foods. The production of toxic and harmful aphrodisiac Food is sold to many provinces across the country, involving many cities (states).

   So far, the case of the production and sale of toxic and harmful food has been successfully solved, and 19 suspects including Wang Mou have been arrested. Waiting for them will be severe punishment by the law.