Liaocheng Food Safety Supervision Sampling Inspection Information Announcement, Issue 21, 2020
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In accordance with the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and its implementation regulations and other relevant regulations and the arrangement of the Liaocheng food safety supervision and sampling plan, in order to further ensure food safety, the Market Supervision Bureau has edible 6 types of leeks, celery, bean sprouts, cowpea, bananas, and eggs. A total of 147 batches of samples of agricultural products were subjected to supervision and random inspections, among which 4 batches of samples were found to be unqualified and excessive pesticide residues were detected.

   For the substandard products found in the random inspection, the Liaocheng City Market Supervision Administration has ordered the market supervision department where the production and operation enterprises are located to check the product flow, recall and remove substandard products, control risks, file a case for investigation, and analyze the reasons. In the rectification, the substandard products involved have been checked and handled as required.
   Special reminders that consumers should call the 12345 (12315) hotline to complain or report when they purchase or find substandard products mentioned in the notice on the market.
   hereby announce.
  Liaocheng Market Supervision Administration
   December 30, 2020