Kunming holds the 2020 group meal delivery unit and central kitchen evaluation sampling results analysis meeting
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   To further strengthen group meal distribution, central kitchen food safety supervision, analyze and evaluate hidden food safety risks, prevent food safety incidents, and effectively prevent group food safety incidents Recently, the Kunming Municipal Market Supervision Administration organized 33 collective catering companies and 17 central kitchens and their respective jurisdictions, the market supervision bureau, and the Municipal Food and Drug Inspection Bureau, a total of more than 90 people, and held the Kunming 2020 Group Meal Delivery Analyzing the results of evaluation sampling inspections of units and central kitchens.

   The meeting notified the results of group meal delivery units and central kitchen evaluation sampling in 2020, and conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing problems and causes. Food safety management of kitchen staff, raw material storage, processing, meal preparation, meal preparation, tableware cleaning, disinfection, cleaning and other key links make recommendations.

   The meeting requires all companies to compare the inspection results, carry out self-inspection and self-inspection, carefully find out the problems, analyze the causes, formulate practical rectification plans, and take effective rectification measures. Carry out rectifications in a timely manner, requiring all counties (cities) and districts to strengthen their sense of responsibility and mission, further strengthen their supervisory responsibilities, keep a close eye on key links, and urge enterprises to implement the catering food safety management system, strict process control, high standards and strict requirements to strengthen management, Through multiple efforts and multiple measures, we ensure the safety of collective catering and central kitchen catering in our city.