Jinzhong Market Supervision Bureau”Four Concentrations and Four Implementations” to promote food safety rectification
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  In the 100-day campaign of centralized food safety rectification in Shanxi Province, the Jinzhong City Market Supervision Bureau prevented risks, eliminated hidden dangers, strengthened supervision, established mechanisms, and made every effort to solve food Weak links and outstanding problems in the entire security field have protected the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of more than three million people in the city.

  Concentrate professional forces to implement risk warning

At the beginning of    Hundred Days Action, Jinzhong held the city’s food safety risk early warning risk communication and risk consultation seminar as soon as possible to comprehensively analyze the city’s food safety situation; Development and Reform Commission, Health Commission, Natural Resources, Forestry, Market Supervision and other relevant departments conduct risk warning exchanges on current food and edible agricultural products in daily supervision, random inspection and monitoring, and inspection and law enforcement, and propose specific rectification measures to eliminate hidden food safety hazards and form food Safety and co-management work together; each functional department issues risk warnings based on actual law enforcement, and publishes consumer reminders through the media, etc., to prevent regional and systemic problems from occurring, and improve the pertinence and effectiveness of supervision.

   Give full play to the role of the Food Safety Expert Committee. Jinzhong Market Supervision Bureau held its first plenary meeting in early December. More than 80 people involved in law, economy, and society Experts in the fields of, news, emergency response, agricultural product quality and safety, food science, food safety testing, medicine, nutrition, food safety management, and medical hygiene, while providing experience exchange and consulting services on healthy development and supervision and management for food safety , Carry out risk interpretation in various fields.

   Concentrate superior resources and implement hidden danger investigation

   Coordinate and play the role of market supervision in food production, circulation, catering, random inspections, audits and other links, and carry out one-by-one links to key varieties, key areas, and key units’ food safety hazards Troubleshoot.

   starts from the source, supervises and urges food producers and operators to conduct a comprehensive self-inspection and implement the main responsibility for food safety. Organized and carried out the activities of Jinzhong food production enterprises to implement the public commitment to the main responsibility of quality and safety. Representatives of more than 100 food production enterprises including Shanxi Xinbingji Industrial Co., Ltd., Jinzhong Yili Dairy Co., Ltd., and Shanxi Pingyao Beef Group Co., Ltd. participated . Enterprise representatives make public commitments, strictly implement the main responsibilities, ensure food quality and safety, and accept social supervision.

   Carry out risk classification management in the circulation link, make full use of the”double random, one open” supervision method, supervise and inspect the self-inspection of food business enterprises, and do not conduct random inspections. Food business enterprises that are qualified, have many complaints and reports, and have illegal activities shall conduct key supervision, strengthen daily inspections, unannounced inspections, and system inspections, and comprehensively investigate hidden risks. Focusing on strengthening the supervision and inspection of imported frozen and refrigerated meat products, a frozen food warehouse has been established in Pingyao, requiring operators who operate imported frozen and frozen meat products to purchase from the imported frozen and frozen meat warehouse to strictly prevent the risks caused by the new crown virus.

   In the field of edible agricultural products, in-depth praise of the special sampling activity of”You Point and I Check”. Put the initiative of sampling inspections in the hands of consumers, and through consumers'”points”, they can fully sense the hidden dangers of food safety, further improve the targeting and effectiveness of sampling inspections, and effectively solve food safety problems around the people. Strengthen the food safety supervision of the”two festivals” on New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, and invest 350,000 yuan in special sampling inspections for food safety during the two festivals.

   focuses on creating a strong atmosphere for 100-day remediation actions. The Jinzhong city and county levels adopted methods such as conducting centralized professional training, mainstream media publicity, and distributing publicity materials of the Food Safety Law and Food Safety Implementation Regulations to create a good social atmosphere in which everyone cares and everyone participates in special rectification. Jiexiu carried out food safety publicity and education, went deep into rural areas, and urged operators to implement their main responsibilities and regulate business behaviors through on-site explanations, distribution of food safety materials, and on-site Q&A; Xiyang carried out training for employees of the “three small” to improve The quality of employees.

  Concentrate supervision and implement special rectification

   Jinzhong City’s market supervision department played a game of chess, drew up capable forces, through production, circulation, and random inspections, grasped weak links and outstanding problems, and targeted Carry out a 100-day centralized rectification of food safety.

   highlights the special rectification of food production enterprises and small workshops, with key varieties of”dairy products, meat products, wine, vinegar”, in key areas, to Yuci Supervise and inspect vinegar, Taigu pastries, Pingyao meat products, Qixian wine and bacon, Shouyang dried tofu and pork head meat, strictly control the purchase channels of food raw materials and auxiliary materials, and strictly implement the purchase, use and storage of food additives Management, registration system, severely crack down on illegal addition of non-edible substances, borax and other illegal activities in the production process of soy products.

   highlights food safety rectification in the food sales process, strictly implements the implementation of purchase inspection, certificate and ticket requests, and cracks down on illegal sales of counterfeit and inferior food; continue to advance Thoroughly investigate the sale of expired food in the rural market to form a high-pressure situation to ensure that 96%of rural food operators in the city do not handle expired food; strengthen the rectification of food business enterprises and strictly implement the”one ticket pass” bill management system.

   highlights food safety rectification in the catering process, and provides support for various canteen operators or supervisory units, tourist attractions (scenic spots) management units, market operators, etc. The main body’s food safety management responsibilities are clarified in the form of the”Notice of Main Responsibility for Food Safety”, and the main responsibility shall be notified to accept consumer supervision.

   reviewed and reviewed food business licenses in rural areas, and the market supervision departments of all counties (districts and cities) in Jinzhong cooperated with the municipal administrative The unit of the “certificate” shall conduct review and review. Up to now, the market supervision system of Jinzhong City and the administrative approval service management department have reviewed 5,416 food circulation units and 1,933 catering units.

   At the same time, the county (district, city) bureaus of Jinzhong City, based on their actual conditions, steadily promoted the”100-Day Action” for centralized food safety management. Heshun uses food production safety “clear source” action, catering service safety “governance” action, food circulation safety “net flow” action, rural food safety “mine clearance” action, campus and surrounding food safety “seedling protection” action, online food safety”Cleaning the Internet” campaign and the”six major actions” as the carrier, highlighting the key points of rectification; Jiexiu’s main leaders went to the grassroots to conduct open and unannounced visits, insisted on paying equal attention to supervision and regulation, and did not meet the environmental sanitation standards and operation of small production and processing workshops, school canteens and other units. Regulations and other issues are ordered to be rectified; Yushe requires employees to sign the “Notice of Main Responsibility for Food Safety” and the “Letter of Responsibility for Food Safety in Catering Services”, strictly implement various systems such as request for evidence and invoice, purchase inspection, and build a strong food safety defense.

   Centralized supervision and inspection, implementation of rectification and implementation

  Effective supervision is the key to implementation. At the beginning of January this year, the Jinzhong Municipal Bureau assigned special personnel to divide into two groups to supervise and inspect the work of the city’s food safety in the 100-day campaign. Focus on supervising the investigation and classification of various hidden dangers and problems of food safety supervision in Jinzhong counties and cities.

   uses a hundred-day special rectification to promote the operation of the growth-promoting mechanism to ensure the good situation of food safety in the city. Issued the”Notice of Jinzhong City Market Supervision Administration on Printing and Distributing the 100-Day Action Plan for Jinzhong City’s Food Safety Centralized Rectification”, set up a special action leadership group, and held an analysis meeting. Through the implementation of classification and rectification, the establishment of ledger, one-by-one account number, etc., strengthen the construction of a long-term food safety supervision system, and release the”Risk Problem List”,”Jinzhong City Food Workshop Operation Guide” and”Catering Service Food Safety Operation Specification” Etc., continue to standardize and purify the food market, so that the people of the city can truly feel the continued improvement of Jinzhong’s food safety.

   Up to now, Jinzhong city and county levels have held 13 risk research and judgment meetings, dispatched 1,526 law enforcement personnel, and inspected a total of 3,256 food companies, of which, inspections 156 food production companies (including small workshops), 568 food circulation companies were inspected, and 2,532 catering companies were inspected; 105 minor misconducts were discovered, 105 rectification commitments were made, 12 cases were filed for investigation, and the fine was 12.5 Ten thousand yuan, 35,000 yuan was invested for publicity, more than 50,000 copies of 9 types of publicity materials were printed, and more than 250,000 people were directly educated through the city’s mainstream media and shooting vibrato, micro-video, WeChat and other publicity. (Hu Quantong, Song Yingying)