Jinhua investigated and handled 4 cases! Cold chain food physical defense work, market supervision is in action!
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   In order to effectively prevent, control and block the spread of imported cold chain foods, Jinhua City recently issued the”Notice on Strengthening the Management of Imported Cold Chain Foods” to carry out special rectifications on illegal and criminal imports of cold chain foods throughout the city. Severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities in the production and operation of imported cold chain food in accordance with the law.
   This special rectification centered on whether the imported cold chain food inspection and quarantine certificate, the new crown virus nucleic acid test certificate, the disinfection certificate, and the cold chain food traceability source code (referred to as”three certificates and one code”) are complete, the market supervision department and the public security , Transportation, commerce and other departments to carry out special law enforcement actions. Up to now, the city’s market supervision department has filed and investigated 4 illegal cases of imported cold chain food:

  Pan’an investigates and handles a case of importing cold chain foods without legal sources
   On December 10, 2020, the Pan’an County Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with a batch of imported frozen foods with incomplete “three certificates and one code”. After investigation, a certain fresh food distribution company in Pan’an County failed to comply It stipulates the inspection of relevant certification materials, and has not established an inspection record system for the purchase of edible agricultural products; operating meat that has not been quarantined or unqualified in accordance with the regulations; and engaged in food business activities without a food business license. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law, the bureau warned the parties concerned, confiscated the illegally operated food, and imposed a fine of 239,200 yuan.

  Pan’an investigates and handles a case of importing cold chain foods without legal sources
   On December 11, 2020, the Pan’an County Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with a box of frozen bovine giblets without “one yard and three certificates” at a lo-mei shop in Jianshan Town, and immediately adopted compulsory seizure measures. Upon investigation, the parties involved had meat that was not quarantined in accordance with regulations or failed to pass the quarantine in the course of business operations. The party decided to confiscate the illegally operated food and impose a fine of 10,000 yuan.

  Pujiang investigates and handles a case of importing cold chain food from no legal source
   On December 9, 2020, the Pujiang County Market Supervision Bureau found a box of imported beef products during an inspection of a frozen food company in Pujiang County. The parties were unable to provide purchase receipts, inspection and quarantine certificates and other materials. .

  Wucheng investigates and handles an uncoded imported cold chain food
   On December 25, 2020, the Market Supervision Bureau of Wucheng District found a batch of imported frozen food in the cold storage on the first floor of a hotel, including 3 categories of boneless beef minced meat, beef eye meat, and red shrimp. The cold chain carries out the warehousing registration. The Wucheng District Market Supervision Bureau ordered the hotel to strictly implement the cold chain food epidemic prevention requirements, and perform code scanning as required.
   In the next step, the city will continue to promote the special rectification of imported cold chain foods, and implement the”seven checks” (check codes, check”three certificates”, check quantities, check warehouses, check cold storage, check supermarkets, check catering), Strengthen the management and control of imported cold chain food from circulation to consumption, consolidate the main responsibility of production and business units, and do a good job in the resolution of existing risks and the prevention of incremental risks.