Ji’an County, Jiangxi, strictly inspects imported cold chain foods to ensure normalized epidemic prevention and control
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   In order to prevent and control the epidemic in winter and spring, the Market Supervision Bureau of Ji’an County, Jiangxi Province has paid close attention to various normalized prevention and control measures, and fully grasped the area under its jurisdiction Prevention and control of imported cold chain food epidemics.

   One is to strengthen publicity and training. Organize cold chain food producers and operators and market supervisors to carry out cold chain food production and operation new crown virus prevention and control technology training, and require grassroots branch supervisors to carefully study the spirit of relevant documents to improve the quality and safety supervision of refrigerated and frozen food. A total of more than 5,000 copies of the”Food Safety Notice” and”Commitment Letter” were issued to producers and operators to inform and urge them to strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, and lay a solid foundation for ensuring the quality and safety of refrigerated and frozen food.

   The second is a comprehensive investigation. Strict supervision of the imported cold chain food sales market. 160 inspectors have been dispatched, and a total of 283 cold chain food business units have been investigated. All business entities are required to fulfill the main responsibility of prevention and control such as the inspection of imported cold chain foods, and to ensure that imported food There must be a purchase and sales inspection registration account, a customs quarantine inspection certificate, a nucleic acid test certificate and a disinfection certificate for imported cold chain food goods.

   The third is to do a good job in detection and disposal. To find out the situation of employees in the cold chain food business units of the county, contact and assist the health department in time to extract nucleic acid samples from frozen food, frozen food packaging and operators and related close contacts to ensure that all cold chain food employees” All the nucleic acid test results reported by the health department have been negative.