Japan’s Soda’s new fungicide pyridinamide will be registered in the United States for soybean and turf seed treatment
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Agrochemical Network Chinese Net reported:On December 28, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to approve the registration application of the new active ingredient picarbutrazox of Japan Soda Company. The fungicide will be used to manage resistant fungi. New tools.

The proposed use of    Pyramid is:as a seed treatment product for the prevention and control of Pythium and Phytophthora diseases in corn and soybeans, and Pythium in turf. These pathogens can cause leaf wilting, shedding and root dysfunction, which in turn leads to significant yield loss.
   The EPA has examined pyridazole and found no human health risks. To prevent abuse, the product label recommends the use of professional sprinklers in residential lawn applications. The public comment period is 15 days.
   Pyramid tetrazolium is a new type of carbamate fungicide developed by Dainippon Ink Co., Ltd. (the company resold it to Soda in April 2004) and developed by Soda. It is a tetrazolium oxime The only compound in fungicides. In February 2018, Syngenta and Japan Soda reached a global license agreement for the use of tetrazopyramide.