January 04:”Agricultural Product Wholesale Price Index 200″ rose 1.2 points from before the holiday
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  According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, on January 4, the”Agricultural Product Wholesale Price Index 200″ was 135.53, an increase of 1.2 points from before the holiday. The”Vegetable Basket” product wholesale price index was 135.75, an increase of 1.4 points from before the holiday. As of 14:00 today, the average price of pork in the national agricultural product wholesale market is 45.95 yuan/kg, up 1.2%from before the holiday; beef 76.93 yuan/kg, basically the same as before the holiday; mutton 74.37 yuan/kg, down 0.3%from before the holiday%; Eggs are 8.49 yuan/kg, up 0.5%from before the festival; White striped chicken is 16.74 yuan/kg, up 1.9%from before the festival. The average price of 28 kinds of vegetables under monitoring was 5.42 yuan/kg, which was 2.5%higher than before the holiday; the average price of 6 kinds of fruits under monitoring was 6.17 yuan/kg, which was an increase of 2.3%than before the festival; the average price of crucian carp was 16.74 yuan/kg , Basically the same as before the holiday; carp 12.31 yuan/kg, an increase of 0.4%over the pre-holiday; silver carp 8.67 yuan/kg, an increase of 3.1%over the pre-holiday; big hairtail 39.44 yuan/kg, an increase of 3.4%over the pre-holiday.
  Today, among the 46 varieties monitored by the domestic fresh agricultural product wholesale market, the top five with price increase compared to before the holiday are cabbage, rape, green pepper, green onion and cauliflower. The rates were 8.1%, 8.1%, 8.0%, 7.9%, and 6.8%; the top five price declines were large yellow croaker, tomatoes, garlic, mutton and cucumber, the rates were 4.2%, 2.8%, 2.6%, 0.3%And 0.2%.