Is it safe to sell cold chain food online? Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration interviewed these third-party platform providers
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  Cold chain food is an important part of Zhejiang people’s dinner table. As the Spring Festival approaches, meat and aquatic products are entering the peak consumption season. In Zhejiang, are the imported cold chain livestock and poultry meat and aquatic products sold online also included in the cold chain physical defense supervision?
   On the afternoon of January 6, the Provincial Bureau held a collective meeting with third-party platform providers for online food sales. At the meeting, 48 online food third-party platform providers in the province signed a letter of commitment to prevent and control the imported cold chain food from the new crown epidemic, and solemnly pledged to strictly abide by the”ten norms.”
   In order to regulate the management of imported cold chain food, the”ten norms” solemnly promised by 48 platforms include these contents!
  Ten Standards
  strict qualification management;
  Establish a control system for cold chain protection;
   Proactively publicize the letter of commitment;
   Supervise and urge local operators to use the”Zhejiang Cold Chain”;
   Strengthen the daily supervision and inspection of operators;
   Supervise and urge operators to implement reporting and centralized supervision requirements;
   promptly report relevant matters as required;
  According to the requirements, take measures to restrict transactions;
   regulate the handling requirements for products involved in the epidemic;
  Cooperate with the market supervision department to investigate and deal with illegal acts in accordance with the law.
   The meeting required that all platforms should publish their letter of commitment on the website before January 15 and submit a self-inspection report on January 26. Strictly implement the”four must not”, that is,”imported cold chain food cannot be sold without inspection and quarantine certificate No sale without a nucleic acid test certificate, no sale without a disinfection certificate, no sale without a traceable source code”.