Interpretation of”Beijing Action Plan for Plastic Pollution Control (2020-2025)”
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  Recently, the”Beijing Plastic Pollution Control Action Plan (2020-2025)” was reviewed at the meeting of the Municipal Committee’s Deep Reform Commission and was approved by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Ecological Environment Officially issued by the bureau.

  一. Background and meaning

  Plastic is widely used in production and life and is an important basic material. Irregular production, use of plastic products and recycling and disposal of plastic waste will cause waste of energy and resources and environmental pollution, and increase the pressure on resources and the environment. Actively responding to plastic pollution is related to the health of the people, and it is related to the construction of my country’s ecological civilization and high-quality development. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment formally issued the”Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution” in January 2020, making arrangements for further strengthening the control of plastic pollution. Strictly implementing the relevant national requirements, and strengthening the city’s plastic pollution control with high standards, strict requirements, emphasizing implementation, and setting an example are of great significance to promoting the city’s green development.

   2. Overall considerations

  ”Beijing Plastic Pollution Control Action Plan (2020-2025)” (hereinafter referred to as”Action Plan”) fully considers the characteristics of the city’s plastic products consumer city, Give full consideration to facilitating the lives of the people, adhere to legal governance, standard guidance, focus on key points, differentiated policy implementation, scientific and technological support, innovation-driven, diversified participation, and coordinated governance. Focus on “one control, one reduction, two promotion, three batches”.”One control” means to strictly control the leakage of plastic waste to the environment;”one reduction” means to reduce the use of non-degradable disposable plastic products;”two promotion” means to promote the classified recovery and recycling of plastic waste, and promote the supply of alternative technologies and products ;”Three batches” means”banned batch”:production, circulation and use of disposable plastic products that are difficult to recycle and easy to leak;”recycling batch”:promote new packaging and logistics vehicles, and establish a sound and efficient recycling system ;”A batch of treatment”:focus on cleaning up key places with prominent plastic pollution and plastic waste along the route, and establish a plastic pollution control system.

   3. Main content

   The Action Plan puts forward a three-stage goal to advance the governance work in an orderly manner:The first stage is that by 2022, the city’s plastic pollution control policy and standard system will be initially established , Plastic pollution control measures in key areas have been fully implemented, the consumption of disposable plastic products has been significantly reduced, alternative products have been promoted, and the demonstration and leading role of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics will be fully utilized; the second phase is to 2023, the city Plastic pollution in key places and along the line has basically been eliminated, and basic systems such as reporting by key plastic users have been basically established; the third stage is to have a comprehensive plastic pollution control system by 2025, a more complete scientific and technological support system, and a good social trend of low-plastic life Basically formed, and strive to become a model of plastic pollution control in international super large cities.

   The Action Plan puts forward specific requirements from the following ten aspects:

   One is to play the leading role of the Beijing Winter Olympics in plastic pollution control. Formulate and organize the implementation of the Beijing Winter Olympics work plan for plastic pollution control, refine and improve specific measures, and on the basis of strict implementation of relevant national requirements, on the premise of not affecting the organization of the game and not excessively affecting public viewing, and minimize other undesirable Degrading the use of disposable plastic products, speeding up the application of new concepts, new technologies, and new products, and setting a demonstration for the city’s plastic pollution control work.

   The second is to prohibit the production and sale of some plastic products. Strictly implement relevant national requirements, gradually prohibit the production and sale of certain plastic products and daily chemical products containing plastic microbeads within the city, and strengthen supervision and law enforcement.

   The third is to promote plastic pollution control in six key industries. For the six key industries where disposable plastic products such as catering, takeaway platforms, wholesale and retail, e-commerce express delivery, accommodation and exhibitions, and agricultural production are concentrated and easily leaked to the environment, targeted governance measures have been proposed, and some industries have been clarified. The ban target of non-degradable disposable plastic products.

  Fourth is to strengthen the treatment of plastic pollution in key places and along the line. Focus on four types of key venues, such as sports venues, tourist attractions, cultural facilities, and transportation sites, along with four types of rivers, highways, railways, back streets and alleys, and key tasks such as classification of domestic waste, as well as the “river chief system” and “double Combining the work mechanism of comprehensive improvement of key areas such as the section length system,”street length system” and other key areas, coordinated to promote plastic pollution control.

  Fifth is to carry out the creation of a reduced plastic life. In-depth implementation of the”Overall Plan of Action for Green Life” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, taking the creation of conservation-oriented institutions, green schools, green communities, and green households as an opportunity to incorporate plastic pollution control requirements into the creation of an evaluation index system, and play a role model Role, demonstration drives the whole society to participate in plastic pollution control.

   Six is ​​to form a good social fashion. Implement the”Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior of Beijing”,”Regulations on the Control of Smoking in Beijing” and other laws and regulations, cultivate good public health habits, increase the publicity of knowledge and treatment of plastic pollution, and guide the public to reduce the use of disposable plastic products. Give play to the role of public opinion supervision, and form a good social customs for the treatment of plastic pollution.

   Seven is to establish a reporting system for key plastic-using units. In-depth implementation of the”Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Pollution”, and pilot projects in the areas of municipal party and government agencies, supermarket chains, postal express, food delivery, e-commerce platforms, etc. Situation reporting system.

  Eight is to comprehensively strengthen technological support. Give full play to Beijing’s rich advantages in scientific and technological resources, focus on key areas and key links, strengthen scientific research and development in the plastics field and promotion of plastic pollution control technologies, establish and improve a plastic pollution control standard system that is stricter than the country, and comprehensively strengthen scientific and technological support for plastic pollution control.

   Nine is to strengthen supervision and law enforcement in the field of plastic pollution control. Strengthen the comprehensive law enforcement of ecological and environmental protection in the field of plastic pollution control, and give full play to the supervisory role of reporting platforms such as 12345.

   Ten is to strengthen organization and promotion. Establish a joint meeting system for strengthening plastic pollution control in this city, incorporate the implementation of plastic pollution control in key locations and key areas into the capital’s environmental construction management assessment and evaluation, incorporate plastic pollution control into the city’s ecological environmental protection inspection, and regularly carry out tracking and evaluation of policy implementation effects. Continue to improve policies and measures against the international advanced level.

   Fourth, the next work arrangement

   Next, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau will work with relevant municipal departments and district governments to thoroughly implement the relevant requirements of the Action Plan. Channels, increase publicity and training on the content of plastic pollution control work, increase policy awareness and the action of all sectors of society, continue to improve the city’s plastic pollution control policy system, and guide market entities and all citizens to work together to control plastic pollution.

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