India’s MPEDA buys Penaeus vannamei shrimp seedlings from the US
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From FiS on January 5, the Rajiv Gandhi Aquaculture Center (RGCA), the R&D department of the Indian Seafood Export Development Agency (MPEDA), and the Institute of Oceanography of the Pacific University of Hawaii signed a memorandum of understanding to Farmers supply Penaeus vannamei larvae (PPL).

  The epidemic caused an 8-month gap of P. vannamei. For this reason, MPEDA supplies shrimp larvae through its breeding center in Bimu Nipatnam. The first batch of 25,000 SPF-free shrimp larvae will be Complete transportation before the end of January.
  The Rajiv Gandhi Aquaculture Center (RGCA) will obtain larvae from the Institute of Oceanography at Hawaii Pacific University, a pioneer in the production of SPF broodstock of Penaeus vannamei.
   Shrimp larvae are cultured under strict bio-safety conditions and passed the SPF certification of the University of Arizona Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory and the Central Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory. The prawns have adapted to the weather and environmental conditions in India. The seedlings grow fast, have a high survival rate, and have passed many disease tests. The mortality of MPEDA during the transportation of these shrimp larvae will be controlled below 2%.