Illegal sale of baby fish? Suffered!
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   In order to severely crack down on the illegal activities of market sales of illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River Basin, cut off the market sales industry chain, and protect the ecological safety of the Yangtze River Basin, in accordance with the”Spring Thunder 2021″ The Qionglai City Market Supervision Bureau conducts comprehensive special enforcement inspections on all aspects of market sales, catering operations, production and processing within its jurisdiction.

   On December 24, during an inspection, law enforcement officers discovered that an aquatic product sales shop in the bazaar was selling a”baby fish”. The merchant failed to provide relevant legal certification and was suspected of illegally selling national key protected aquatic wildlife.

      baby fish scientific name, giant salamander, belongs to the national second-level key protected wildlife and is included in the”National Key Protected Wild Animal List”. The baby fish sold in the store has no special signs for artificial breeding, and the inspection site cannot provide purchase receipts, artificial breeding licenses, or”aquatic wildlife business and utilization permits.” The sales store’s behavior of selling baby fish is suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the”The Wildlife Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China.” Qionglai City Market Supervision Bureau ordered it to stop the illegal activities in accordance with the law, and opened a case for the store to investigate. The case is currently under further investigation in.

   Currently, the baby fish has been released.

   Qionglai City Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers:Consciously resist the “game” of natural waters and consume civilly and rationally. If a business owner is found to have illegally sold catches, he can report it through the 12315 hotline or the national 12315 platform.