Hunan market supervision department vigorously launches catering quality and safety improvement actions
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   In 2020, the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Department formulated the Hunan Province Catering Quality and Safety Improvement Action 2020-2023 implementation plan, combined with the food safety city demonstration work, promoted the improvement of the quality and safety level of the catering industry, and strived to meet the increasing demand of the people A good life needs.
   Go all out to promote development. In 2020, the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Department will take a number of measures to promote the resumption of production and work and the healthy and sustainable development of the catering industry while focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic. First, the market players have grown steadily. As of the end of 2020, there were 228,370 catering service operators in the province that had obtained food business licenses, an increase of 18%over the same period last year, and 158,451 catering service operators had obtained small catering business licenses, which was a year-on-year increase. An increase of 35%; second, the quality improvement and transformation of small restaurants are continuously upgraded. Market supervision departments at all levels have strengthened policy guidance, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of “small restaurants” to intensification and standardization by banning, standardizing and upgrading one batch. , Zhangjiajie, Changde and other places have arranged special funds to invest in the quality improvement of small catering; third, market access is more convenient, market supervision departments in Changsha, Zhuzhou, Yueyang, Yongzhou and other places actively explore food operations under the premise of ensuring food safety The reform of licenses and small catering business licenses, and the trial implementation of the”notice and commitment system.” The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has formulated the”Hunan Province Small Catering Business License and Vendor Registration Management Measures”, through measures such as reducing materials and time limits, and implementing the”notification and commitment system” to promote the healthy and orderly development of the small and micro economy.
   Take multiple measures and standardize weightlifting. Focusing on the hot issues that the people have reported strongly, highlight key issues to rectify, and strengthen catering supervision. The first is to carry out special management of unlicensed and unlicensed operations of catering units in residential communities. A total of 15,313 catering units in residential communities were inspected and 4,454 problems were found. 2,392 households were ordered to rectify, of which 2,392 households were rectified, and 113 unlicensed and unlicensed operating entities were investigated and dealt with , Investigated and handled 18 cases; the second is to launch a special online food safety rectification”Internet Sword” action, promote the full coverage of online monitoring of online catering in the province, and organize online investigations on suspected incomplete licenses and other issues of 14 city and prefecture food ordering platforms. Monitoring, a total of 4,950 online catering in 9 batches of suspected licenses and licenses were assigned, 23 of which were filed, 383 rectifications were ordered, and 389 offline. The third is to implement the work requirements of the special action against illegal consumption of wild animals and the ban on catching of the Yangtze River. As of the end of December 2020, the special action”ban on catching in the Yangtze River? Breaking the chain” has inspected 203,200 catering units and found no There were 3,719 catering units that fulfilled the requirements for purchase inspection records, and 330 aquatic product catering units that could not provide legal source certificates for procurement, processing and production were found, and the catering units were urged to implement the purchase inspection, certificate and ticket obligations, so that catering units did not buy, The goal of not selling or eating wild animals and aquatic products without legal sources.
   Collaborate to promote strong co-governance. The first is to vigorously promote the construction of the “bright kitchen and bright stove” project in the catering industry. In 2020, 135,000 catering units in the province have implemented the “bright kitchen and bright stove”, and the coverage rate of the school canteen’s “bright kitchen and bright stove” exceeds 95%. The provincial capital Changsha School The coverage rate of “Internet + bright kitchen and bright stove” in the canteen reached 78%; the second is to advocate table civilization and stop food waste. The local market supervision departments adopt newspapers, television, online media reports, WeChat public accounts and other publicity channels to publish proposals, Posting slogans, going to the store to supervise and promote, setting up civilized persuaders, etc., supervise catering service units to carry out”CD Action”, promote public spoons and chopsticks, set up civilized dining reminders, and adopt half-dish, regular-dish and other forms , Actively guide consumers to establish a scientific and civilized dining concept, and promote the formation of a good fashion of rational consumption, advocating economy, and healthy eating; the third is to promote standard guidance, and release the local standards of”Contactless Distribution of Catering Products” and”Quantification of Food Safety in Catering Services” Standards for Classification and Evaluation of Demonstration Stores” group standards to promote the construction of LESS kitchen site management system
   Food quality and safety are related to people’s well-being. Hunan market supervision department will combine the”14th Five-Year Plan”, based on Hunan Province’s”Three High and Four New” general strategy, focus on the healthy and orderly development of the catering industry, and continuously enhance the people’s sense of food security , Happiness, sense of gain. (Contribution:Food Business Department)