Huainan Xiejiaji District Market Supervision Bureau takes multiple measures to rectify market pork sales
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   Spring Festival is approaching. Pork is a common meat product in people’s daily life. The market has a large sales volume. According to the recent pork sales in Xiejiaji District, Huainan City The chaos in the country effectively guarantees the safety of consumers’ tongues and maintains market order in the food circulation field. Huainan Xiejiaji District Market Supervision Bureau held a consultation meeting of some member units of the Food Safety Commission on January 6, 2021. This meeting was presided over by Zhang Hailong, deputy director of the bureau. Xiejiaji District Agriculture and Rural Water Resources Bureau, The relevant leaders of the district procuratorate attended the meeting.

   The meeting mainly discussed the issue of selling old female pork in some markets that have had more complaints recently. After serious discussion, everyone agreed that “food is”Safety first”, in order to prevent unquarantined pork from entering the market, we must severely crack down on illegal sales of problematic pork in the market. The first is to”strike hard” to crack down on problematic pork in the circulation field. The Market Bureau of Xiejiaji District strengthened the supervision of pork sales in the circulation area, and at the same time urged market operators to perform their access duties, increase the frequency of quick inspections, and severely investigate and deal with suspected pork sales that have not been quarantined. The second is to grasp the source and rectify the chaos in the pig slaughtering field. The Agriculture and Water Bureau of Xiejiaji District is responsible for the continuous implementation of the”Hundred Days Action” for special governance in the field of pig slaughter, implements slaughter quality management standards, promotes the creation of standardization of pig slaughter, and severely cracks down on illegal activities in the slaughter process. The third is the linkage of various departments to form a supervisory force. The Xiejiaji District Procuratorate stated that all units should pay attention to the phenomenon of many such complaints, strengthen supervision, and promptly transfer criminal violations and crimes to the public security department, eliminate problematic pigs from the source, strictly control the slaughter process, and maintain food safety for the people. . The fourth is to expose more and publicize typical cases. All member units must increase publicity and guidance, publicize reporting telephone numbers, promptly publicize, increase public awareness and participation, expose typical cases, deter criminals, and provide the general public with a safe and secure two-section consumer environment.