Huainan Xiejiaji District Market Supervision Bureau seized a batch of pork suspected of not being quarantined
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   Approaching the Spring Festival, many families in Huainan City began to pickle pork and fill sausages. Recently, the Huainan Xiejiaji District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has repeatedly received complaints from the public, saying The pork purchased at the market in Xiesan Village, Xiejiaji District, is suspected to be old female pork with a smelly smell.

   The bureau attaches great importance to such complaints and held a consumer rights protection meeting to further understand the actual situation. At the same time, law enforcement officials quickly visited and investigated the vegetable market in Xie’s three villages. The total number of pork vendors and the basic operating conditions were conducted through open and unannounced visits to accurately find the root cause of the problem. This morning, the public security organs conducted a key surprise inspection and found that the two vendors with more complaints from the masses had unlisted and unlisted sales of pig pork. After the animal quarantine certificate was issued, the law enforcement officers detained the pork suspected of not being quarantined on the spot, totaling more than 360 kilograms, and the value of the goods was nearly 10,000 yuan. Currently, the Market Bureau of Xiejiaji District has opened a case for investigation, and the case is being further processed.

  Marketing Bureau Warm Reminder:Breeding pig pork is darker in color, thicker in fiber, and smells stronger, and the price is cheaper than fattening pigs. When consumers buy pork, they should pay attention to whether there are”two stamps” on the carcass, namely the meat quality inspection stamp and the animal quarantine certificate knurled stamp, and whether the pork vendors clearly indicate the”two stamps” as the meat quality With the inspection certificate and animal quarantine certificate, pork with complete”two chapters” and”two tickets” can be purchased with confidence.

  According to the current laws and regulations, as long as the old female pork and other kinds of pork meet the relevant quality standards and pass the quarantine, they can be recognized as qualified products and can be sold on the market, but they must It is clearly indicated as the old female pork, so that consumers can consume it clearly. In the circulation market, the market supervision department mainly inspects animal quarantine and other qualified certificates, and those without certificates shall not be sold.