Huainan Shou County Market Supervision Bureau solidly carried out special inspection and management of bean sprouts quality and safety
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   In order to effectively protect the food safety of the people, in accordance with the”Notice of the Bean Sprouts Quality and Safety Inspection and Governance Work” of the Provincial and Municipal Bureaus, Huainan Shou County Market Supervision The bureau arranged and deployed various offices to carry out special rectification of bean sprouts.

   One is to carry out investigations. Each market supervision office conducts a comprehensive registration of bean sprouts sellers in their jurisdictions, and requires bean sprouts sellers to obtain or issue certificates of origin or purchase certificates and qualification documents (including quinolones that have passed the rapid inspection).

   The second is to implement the main responsibility. Supervise farmers’ market operators to implement food safety management responsibilities, establish bean sprouts seller accounts, check and register bean sprouts sold in the market, and promote the implementation of the bean sprouts market access system.

   The third is to increase investigation and punishment. Increase the intensity of market inspections. Anyone who fails to keep the qualified certificate of bean sprouts in the farmer’s market or supermarket or whose source is unknown shall not be sold on the market. According to the actual situation of the inspection, all localities contact the quality unit of the county bureau to conduct supervision and random inspections when necessary, and find illegal activities to be banned and severely cracked down in accordance with the law, and those that constitute a crime must be promptly transferred to the public security department.

   As of now, 38 law enforcement officers have been dispatched in this special operation, and 106 registered bean sprouts sellers have been arranged.