Huaibei City Market Supervision Bureau launches two-way efforts to prevent epidemics and strengthen cold chain food supervision
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  Huaibei City Market Supervision Bureau has conducted in-depth research and analysis of the current new situation, new situation, and new problems of the new crown epidemic.”Internal control” and”external control” are working in both directions. Implement dual prevention for”and” and”materials”, effectively strengthen the supervision of cold chain food, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

   First, it is introverted to focus on key places and strengthen supervision. The port is moved forward, focusing on key products, and inwardly making efforts to strengthen supervision. Strengthen the supervision of key products. Focusing on high-risk varieties such as imported aquatic products and livestock and poultry meat products, investigations were carried out. A total of 1,108.86 tons of imported frozen chain foods were investigated, and 3543 samples of products and outer packaging were collected in cooperation with the health department. The test results were all negative. Strengthen import cold chain reporting management. Supervise and urge producers and operators of imported cold chain foods purchased from provinces (municipalities) and third-party cold storages to report to the market supervision office 24 hours before the arrival of the food, clarifying the product name, place of production, quantity, and arrival time. Since November, the city has reported 130 entities for the production and operation of imported frozen chain food, with a quantity of 1534.87 tons. Strengthen food traceability management. All 84 producers and operators engaged in imported cold-chain food have completed the registration of the”Anhui Cold-chain Food Traceability Platform”, helping to carry out traceability management of imported cold-chain food in Huaibei City.

   The second is to make efforts to focus on key groups and strengthen supervision. Extrovert efforts to strengthen personnel management. Focus on key units such as farmer’s market, large supermarkets, food production enterprises and catering service units that operate cold chain food, comprehensively establish supervision files, and investigate more than 1,400 various cold chain food production and operation entities, including imported cold chain food production and operation The main body is 164. Carry out the investigation and registration of meat and aquatic products production and processing food business units and cold storage practitioners who have direct contact with cold chain food. A total of 562 people who may be directly exposed to imported cold chain food have been identified and a roster of imported cold chain food employees has been established. Changes are updated in a timely manner. Related practitioners have now sampled and tested 1309 copies, and the test results are all negative.