Hohhot City Market Supervision Bureau”Two Focuses, One Outstanding” to carry out special rectification of rural food safety
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  The people regard food as the heaven, and the food is the first. Rural food safety concerns the health and life safety of the people. In order to ensure the safety of rural food in Hohhot before the Spring Festival in 2021, the Market Supervision Bureau of Hohhot has improved the supervision of the entire chain of rural food production and operation, strengthened daily supervision of rural food safety, and comprehensively cracked down on the production and operation of counterfeit and shoddy food and other violations of laws and regulations, and effectively safeguarded the general public Physical health and legal rights.
  Clarify the key rectification targets, and brighten the sword to the”disease”
  Consolidate all the main responsibilities and turn passive into active. The Hohhot Market Supervision Bureau focuses on food production and operation entities such as small shops, small vendors, and small vendors in the rural-urban fringe area, as well as the wholesale business entities that sell food to the rural areas, and the rural fair market. It focuses on convenience foods, snack foods, and condiments. , National traditional dairy products, meat and meat products,”four white” food and other rural consumer staple foods and children’s food, holiday food, local specialty food as the key varieties. Organize various regulatory agencies to accelerate the risk grading and assessment of food operators, and strengthen the supervision of food circulation. At the same time, market operators are required to implement the main responsibilities and establish the food safety credit files of the operators. And establish a self-inspection system according to the requirements, supervise and promote the entry of sellers to strictly control purchase, sales, and delisting, and truly keep the main responsibility in mind, shoulders, and hands, and keep the”responsibility” field”.
  Clarify key violations and take action against”stubborn diseases”
   Always maintain a high-pressure situation of remediation, rectify while remediating. The Hohhot City Market Supervision Bureau focuses on cracking down on counterfeit and shoddy, adulteration,”two supers and one fault”, the use of recycled food or expired raw materials and microbial contaminated materials as food raw materials, false labeling and other illegal activities. Combining centralized rectification with daily supervision, comprehensively crack down on violations of laws and regulations, coordinate all links and areas of food and edible agricultural product production and operation, intellectual property rights, advertising trademarks, and case handling, and implement comprehensive, full-link, and full-chain supervision.
  Clarify and highlight the problem, let the”sickness” heal
   Cracking the”stuck neck” problem in the supervision process, realizing the full traceability. The prominent problems identified in previous investigations and studies have been concentrated on solving such problems as the inadequate inspection of the main qualifications of rural food producers and operators; the inadequate supervision of the temporary concentrated consumption places of the farmers; and the substandard conditions of rural food operation and sanitation. Those who do not meet the requirements for food business licenses and food vendors’ filing requirements and operate beyond the scope shall be ordered to rectify within a time limit or go through procedures for changing the business scope. The unlicensed and unlicensed food business is banned according to law. Strengthen supervision and inspection and supervision and random inspection of key businesses. For the outstanding food safety problems discovered, the”Rural Food Business Risk Hidden Danger List” is dynamically sorted out to implement sales number management. Inspect the implementation of the operating companies’ systems for requesting certificates and invoices, purchase inspection, enterprise self-inspection, purchase (sales) accounting records, and the whereabouts or destruction of recovered food in the wholesale process to ensure that the source of food is legal and where the whereabouts are clear. Traceable. In response to the outstanding issues involved in key targets, establish and improve food safety credit files on a household-by-household basis.
  According to statistics, the Market Supervision Bureau of Hohhot City dispatched 7,431 law enforcement personnel in the supervision and rectification of the quality and safety of rural food production, inspected 3,563 food business entities, supervised and randomly inspected 125, and investigated and dealt with one case of corrupted and deteriorating food or food that exceeded the shelf life. It issued 37 notices of order, organized 6 trainings for food operators, carried out 3 publicity activities, opened 9 cases, and closed 9 cases. At the same time, make full use of the”two micro and one end” and various news media to issue food consumption warnings to the rural people, promote food safety laws and regulations through various forms, guide the whole society to actively participate in the comprehensive governance of the rural food market, and strengthen social governance.