Hengshui City Bureau launches campus food safety unannounced inspection
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  In order to further strengthen the food safety in schools, and effectively guarantee the health and diet safety of teachers and students in the city. In response to the current characteristics of infectious gastrointestinal diseases, food-borne diseases prone and high-incidence periods, the Hengshui City Market Supervision Administration and the Hengshui City Education Bureau have carried out unannounced campus food safety inspections throughout the city.

   The focus of the campus food safety flight inspection is whether the school strictly implements the food safety principal (school principal) responsibility system, whether the purchase of food materials requires evidence and tickets and enters the information on the traceability platform, and whether cold chain food is purchased as required Import and storage, whether the food processing and production meet the requirements of the specification, whether the food samples are kept as required, whether the tableware and tools are cleaned and disinfected according to the requirements, whether the processing and production places are cleaned, disinfected and ventilated according to the requirements, catering, health inspection and training of employees, etc. Unannounced inspections are carried out on issues such as whether the system is implemented as required and whether various measures for normalized epidemic prevention and control are implemented.
   requires all levels and departments to attach great importance to campus food safety, increase supervision, strengthen departmental coordination, and severely punish violations of campus food safety laws and regulations.
   One is the responsibility of compaction. Further strengthen the organization and leadership, strictly implement the responsibility for territorial management of campus food safety, and tighten the responsibility of the principal (the principal) as the first responsible person.
   The second is to highlight key points. Increase the implementation of systems such as the input of food purchase information in school (kindergarten) canteens, cold chain food management, food processing and storage, food samples, tableware and tools decontamination, site cleaning and ventilation, catering system, personnel health inspection and training, etc. Inspection of the situation and the implementation of various measures for normal epidemic prevention and control.
   The third is to focus on practical results. Strictly implement the requirements of unannounced inspection work, keep a close eye on problem rectification, formulate a list of problems, and take effective measures to discover and eliminate hidden food safety hazards in a timely manner.
  Fourth is to strengthen supervision. Take the form of open and unannounced visits, conduct supervision and inspection of the work development in various regions, report problems in a timely manner, strengthen accountability, and ensure that the inspection achieves actual results.
   The fifth is to strengthen emergency response. Strengthen public opinion monitoring and emergency duty to ensure that problems can be dealt with in a timely, effective and proper manner. At the same time, strengthen the coordination and cooperation of the departments, improve the linkage mechanism, and form a joint supervision force to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control and food safety are”in place”, and effectively guarantee the health and safety of the teachers and students in the city.
  The inspection time is from December 25, 2020 to the end of January 2021.