Henan Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Imported Cold Chain Food Consumption Warning
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   Recently, many places across the country reported positive nucleic acid tests in imported cold chain foods and internal and external packaging, in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission through cold chain foods and ensure consumer safety. Consumers are now reminded to pay attention to the following when purchasing imported cold chain foods (especially livestock and poultry meat and aquatic products):
  1. Consumers purchasing cold chain foods should go to regular supermarkets or markets; product packages should indicate the place of origin, the name, address, and contact information of domestic agents, and the traceability code”Yu Leng Chain” should be affixed For products, you should use Alipay to scan the code to check whether the QR code information is consistent with the product packaging information. During special periods, try to avoid online shopping, purchasing, and overseas shopping for imported cold chain products, and do not buy products of unknown origin, without relevant labels and traceability codes.
   2. To avoid potential risks, consumers should use tools, gloves, packaging and other protective measures when purchasing, and avoid direct contact with cold chain food with their hands; avoid touching eyes, mouth, nose and other parts after contact with cold chain foods , Wash hands and disinfect in time.
   3. The imported cold chain food should be stored in an independent closed package and stored in a dedicated area as much as possible; the cleaning process should prevent splashing, the cooking process should be separated from raw and cooked, and fully heated and cooked before eating.
  4. When dining out, consumers should choose a catering service unit that has a food business license, good internal and external environment and sanitary conditions, and a high level of food safety quantification.
   5. After touching or eating imported cold chain foods, if you experience fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, etc., please take personal protection and go to the designated hospital in time.
   January 8, 2021