Harbin:Make full use of system inspection results to ensure special food quality and safety
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   Harbin Market Supervision Bureau organically integrates the inspection process with the improvement of the company’s ability to implement main responsibilities, and the improvement of the professional quality of the grassroots supervisors. The inspection results are combined with the strengthening of food safety The responsibility system is combined to focus on improving the ability of special food safety assurance.

  1. To improve the”source power” of hidden danger investigation

   According to the results of the system inspection, infer the internal factors from both corporate management and grassroots supervision, find loopholes, and convert the problems discovered into the implementation of the corporate responsibility.” Boosters” and”stepping stones” for improving the effectiveness of grassroots supervision. The first is to establish an enterprise self-inspection and supervision mechanism to evaluate and verify the initiative, authenticity, and effectiveness of the enterprise’s self-inspection to ensure that the enterprise truly and effectively implement the main responsibility; the second is to establish a “medical record-style” supervision file to check the problem items and the causes of the problems in the system , The completion of rectification, etc. will be put into the corporate archives, the risk level of the enterprise will be re-evaluated, and the frequency of supervision will be determined; the third is to establish a hidden danger investigation mechanism, extend the scope of the problems found in the inspection, and treat similar problems as the key inspection content of other enterprises. Improve the discovery rate of grassroots supervision problems, discover potential safety hazards, and follow up and manage them throughout the process, effectively eliminating the phenomenon of only issuing”rectification notices” without asking about”rectification effects”, forming a closed-loop management model of hidden danger investigation, analysis and judgment, tracking rectification, and review and return visits .

  2. Conduct interviews to enhance the”pushing force” for the implementation of responsibilities

   According to the system inspection results, establish a responsibility interview and rectification implementation mechanism, and conduct interviews with enterprises and local regulatory authorities that have major food safety hazards during system inspections , Strengthen the company’s main body consciousness as the first responsible person for food safety, and urge the basic bureaus to perform their duties and responsibilities. This year, a health food manufacturer found many problems in the system inspection process. With the strong support of the Special Food Division of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and the Discipline Inspection Team of the Municipal Bureau, the Special Food Division of the Harbin Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and related departments jointly discussed Relevant companies point out the problems of the interviewed unit, report the facts of violations of laws and regulations and the seriousness of their actions, analyze the causes of violations of laws and regulations, and put forward specific requirements for the interviewed units to strengthen safety supervision and eliminate potential safety hazards. The interviewing unit informs the decision on the handling or administrative penalty to be made, informs the content and time limit of the rectification, and requires the supervisory department of the jurisdiction to analyze the causes of the problems in the implementation of supervisory responsibilities and propose rectification opinions.

   Third, deal with it seriously and enhance the”deterrence” of system inspection

   According to the system inspection results, strictly follow the”four most stringent” requirements to deal with in accordance with the law. The problem items found in the inspection require the enterprise to initiate and reform; if the warning is required, the supervisory personnel of the jurisdiction shall be punished on the spot; if the case is filed, an investigation shall be carried out immediately to consolidate the evidence. It is found that there are problems with potential risks of food safety accidents, and companies are required to immediately stop production and operation activities for rectification in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. After the rectification is completed, production can be resumed after the inspection and acceptance by the regulatory department, which reflects the deterrence of system inspection and the strictest supervision force.