Haicheng Customs guarantees fresh export of Haifeng vegetables
By: Date: 2021-01-01 Categories: industrynews Tags: ,
   Recently, a container truck loaded with 2.16 tons of fresh Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage departed from Beiping Village, Chengdong Township, Haifeng County, after passing the inspection by Haicheng Customs, a subsidiary of Shantou Customs.
  ”Thanks to the help of the customs, our vegetables can finally be exported directly from the company. This is a qualitative leap for our company.” Huang Shuncheng, general manager of Shanwei Heli Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., the producer of these vegetables, suppressed Can’t help but say with joy.
   It is understood that Shanwei Heli Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a key agricultural enterprise in Guangdong Province. The vegetables produced are very popular with consumers because of their high quality. However, because they do not have the qualification for direct export of vegetables, they can only supply third-party vegetable processing enterprises. Handle export. This situation has resulted in increased logistics and distribution costs, and profit margins are very limited. Upon learning of the situation, Haicheng Customs appointed business backbones to follow up immediately to guide enterprises to obtain qualifications in accordance with regulations.
  ”Now our export channels are smoother and faster, and the export volume will definitely increase.” Huang Shuncheng said with confidence.
  According to Haicheng Customs Inspection Section Chief Peng Dingxiao, in order to ensure the quality and safety of exported vegetables, Haicheng Customs provides enterprises with policy assistance and technical support, and guides enterprises to carry out quality control in accordance with the standards for exported vegetables and ensure that products meet export requirements . At the same time, open a green channel, implement on-demand inspection and release for selected batches, and implement rapid release for unselected batches to ensure the rapid export of fresh and assured vegetables.