Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau specially cleans up the health food industry
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   In 2020, the market supervision department will carry out special clean-up and rectification actions in the health food industry in the city to crack down on illegal production and operation of health food, illegal publicity and sales, fraud and misleading consumption, etc., and further urge health food producers and operators to implement the main responsibility for food safety , Standardize production and operation behavior, and improve the quality and safety of health food.
  Data shows that in 2020, Guangzhou dispatched 28,000 law enforcement personnel, inspected 331 manufacturers, inspected 19,200 business entities, inspected 267 problems, carried out 531 batches of special health food inspections, and organized health care. There were 71 food science publicity activities, 301 complaints and clues related to health food were handled, and 16 health food related cases were investigated and dealt with.
  Online and offline”grasp with both hands”:72 food platform entities were dealt with and rectified according to law
   In response to the current situation and characteristics of the Guangzhou health food market, Guangzhou formulated the”Guangzhou Health Food Industry Special Cleanup and Rectification Action Plan (2020-2021)”, forming a working mechanism of departmental joint and upper-level linkage. Through the integration of multi-party resources, market inspections, random inspections, clue checks, and product random inspections, with the focus on health food production specifications, labeling and advertising supervision, etc., extensive publicity and launching, in-depth investigation of risks, and severe crackdowns are made. At the same time, close contact with public security, street and other departments to increase investigation and handling of cases.
  Strengthen the daily supervision of the production and circulation of health food, and Guangzhou realizes full coverage of supervision of food production enterprises. At present, there are 56 health food manufacturers in Guangzhou, accounting for one-third of the province. There are 446 health food registration approval documents held by the manufacturers and 163 health food registration approval documents that have been commissioned. In daily work, the supervision and inspection coverage of such enterprises has reached 100%.
   At the same time, Guangzhou initiated the inspection of the city’s health food production enterprise system. In July of this year, in accordance with relevant food safety laws and regulations and national food safety standards, the Municipal Bureau carried out system inspections on 9 health food manufacturers, implemented quality improvement”look back” work for companies with more problems, and reviewed the rectification items one by one. The project will conduct on-site surveys to help and guide the enterprises to establish and improve the production quality management system. The first phase of rectification has been completed.
   Implement”double random, one open” inspection, strengthen food safety in- and post-event supervision, strengthen joint law enforcement, and form a combined force of strict combat. The city’s market supervision department conducts special supervision and inspection of health food counters such as pharmacies, wholesale chain enterprises, large and medium-sized shopping malls (supermarkets), and focuses on checking whether the management of ticket requests, purchase inspections, and labels and signs in the health food business link is in place and whether there is Unlicensed operation or out-of-scope operation, whether there are false or exaggerated publicity in product labels or promotional materials, etc., and those who violate laws and regulations shall be investigated and punished in accordance with the law.
   The reporter learned that, at present, Guangzhou regulates online health food business operations through the entire network monitoring. With the help of the database of online business entities, Guangzhou regularly conducts online inspections on 97 third-party online food trading platforms, 59 self-built websites for main food and comprehensive shopping, and e-commerce operators. At the same time, the third-party platform operators are urged to strengthen the qualification review of the online sellers of health food. Based on the relevant clues found in online inspections and monitoring, various districts were organized to carry out on-site inspections to eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner, and the 72 food platforms (including network operators) that did not disclose relevant licenses were promptly handled and rectified in accordance with the law.

  Special governance”key focus”:3 cases of unfair competition in the health food category were filed and investigated
  Special governance”key focus” will deepen supervision. The Guangzhou market supervision department conducted an online review on the implementation of the”Guidelines for Health Food Standard Warning Terms” submitted by 56 health food manufacturers through the Guangzhou Food Production Whole Process Dynamic Platform and 422 health food label styles. In response to inspection findings, on the one hand, companies are required to implement rectification as soon as possible, and it is recommended that companies send the label style to a technical institution with relevant qualifications for inspection; on the other hand, they should promptly notify the district bureau where the company is located to ensure that the rectification is in place.
   At the same time, increase the special rectification of health food anti-unfair competition, combine with the special inspection of the relevant regulations of fasting wild animals, and deploy the city’s market supervision department to actively carry out the investigation and handling of unfair competition cases including false propaganda of health food. In May, the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued a notice on further strengthening the enforcement of anti-unfair competition, and deployed the city’s market supervision departments to continue to strengthen joint enforcement in the health care market. In July, the notice on further strengthening the protection of trade secrets was issued, and the deployment was solid. Carry out anti-unfair competition law enforcement in key areas such as the”healthcare” market. As of December 10, 2020, the city’s market supervision department has filed a total of 3 cases of unfair competition in the health food category, and fined 499,000 yuan.
  Strengthen the supervision of direct-selling health products companies. The Guangzhou market supervision department has conducted quality random inspections on multiple batches of health food products produced by direct-selling health products companies in its jurisdiction, and conducted unannounced inspections on the business and service outlets of related direct-selling companies. Companies involved in the spread of many complaints and high risks have conducted special network monitoring. In accordance with the work requirements for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the local market supervision department issued a”reminder and warning letter” to the outlets, advising that the outlets should not hold meetings, training and other personnel gathering activities during the epidemic prevention and control period, and should not hold personnel gathering promotion and sales activities activity. Conduct interviews with key direct selling companies, require companies to conduct self-examination and self-discipline, and strictly prohibit violations such as exaggerating facts and false propaganda. Severely crack down on illegal pyramid schemes. Since the beginning of this year, the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration has used network monitoring technology through the Institute of Standardization to conduct real-time monitoring of online information in areas suspected of illegal pyramid schemes by enterprises in Guangzhou, covering Weibo, WeChat, clients, and websites. 11 sources of information including, forums, and news. In 2020, a total of more than 260,000 online MLM information has been collected, and 75 monitoring reports of various types have been formed, and the market supervision departments of all districts have been assigned to verify 39 clues involved. The city’s market supervision department filed a total of 3 cases of illegal pyramid selling, closed 6 cases, fined 2,054,100 yuan, of which 2 cases were transferred to the public security department.
   It is worth noting that”pre-monitoring” of hidden risks makes supervision more targeted and targeted. Among them, in the health food sampling inspection, the sampling plan highlights the inspection of key varieties and key items, and at the same time strengthens the quick screening and quick inspection in daily inspections to improve the pertinence and targeting of supervision and sampling. Up to now, the municipal bureau has organized the inspection agency to carry out 531 sampling inspections of health foods in the production and sales links of Guangzhou City, with 529 batches of qualified and 2 batches of unqualified items. The unqualified items are labels. There is no unqualified physical quality, and the qualified rate of physical quality is 100%.
  Food safety co-governance:the reach of popular science propaganda extends to schools and communities
   Promote social”all participation”, and Guangzhou creates a good atmosphere for co-governance of food safety. This year, Guangzhou took the opportunity of creating a national food safety demonstration city to vigorously promote health food science popularization, focusing on the innovation of forms and methods in specific publicity, and will crack down on illegal and criminal behaviors such as illegal addition of health foods, illegal claims and”stealing old health care” As an important content, the social publicity of Guangzhou has created a good atmosphere for the special governance and rectification of the health food industry in Guangzhou.
   Strengthen the publicity and education of relevant employees of health-care production and operation enterprises. Organize the food industry promotion meeting or”send law to door” for enterprises, carry out law education to enterprises, and urge enterprises to strengthen their awareness of law-abiding.
   Raise the public’s awareness of preventing false propaganda of health food. This year, the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau produced promotional materials such as pamphlets, posters and other related knowledge about health food consumption, and deployed various district market supervision departments to distribute or distribute 10,000 such promotional materials in key population areas such as senior care institutions and schools. Multiple servings.
  The tentacles of popular science propaganda extend to schools and communities. Through propaganda to students, Guangzhou promotes and expands the spread of popular science knowledge of food and health food among adults, and plays the role of family and society in promoting”small hands, big hands, healthy walk together”. In addition, focus on public opinion on illegal marketing of health food. Carry out inspections of food and health food business enterprises with names suggestive of”health management companies” and”biotech companies” where the elderly gather in the jurisdiction. If health food frauds and false propaganda are found to show signs of public opinion, promptly Deal with and respond to social concerns in a timely manner.
   The Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Department stated that in the next step, it will focus on the outstanding issues of illegal production and operation, fraud and false propaganda, and illegal advertising in the health food field, and accelerate the promotion of the city’s health food production enterprise system inspection and quality assistance work to promote enterprises Standardize production management. Strengthen joint rectification, intensify the rectification of health food fraud and false propaganda, health food online sales, etc., continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, strictly investigate and deal with a number of health food violations, expose a number of typical cases, and effectively solve the people’s personal concerns The outstanding problem. Focusing on the theme of health food safety, further enhance the public’s awareness of health food safety, the awareness of corporate integrity and responsibility, and the awareness of consumers’ self-protection, adopt various forms to strengthen publicity, and promote the wide participation of all sectors of society.