Guangxi:Trichogramma is effective in controlling sugarcane borers
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  The sugarcane borer is the main pest in sugarcane production. According to statistics, Guangxi’s sugarcane borer damage causes a 10%-20%reduction in sugarcane production every year, and more than 30%in severe cases. The traditional method of controlling sugarcane stem borers is to spray chemical pesticides. Long-term use has not only enhanced the insect resistance of the pests, but also killed natural enemies and deteriorated the ecological environment of the sugarcane field. In recent years, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has actively promoted Trichogramma control technology for sugarcane borers, effectively reducing the use of chemical pesticides, and achieving good economic and social benefits.
   Implement special funds. Beginning in 2018, project promotion and demonstration have been carried out in major sugarcane producing counties such as Xixiangtang District, Laibin City, and Fusui County, Chongzuo City in Nanning City for three consecutive years. The autonomous region’s finance arranges 3 million yuan in special subsidies each year, and a total of 9 million yuan is allocated, mainly for the production or purchase of technical and physical inputs such as the borer pest monitoring and early warning system (equipment), Trichogramma card, technical training, publicity and promotion, and effects Expenses for labor services such as evaluation, project acceptance, and employment of labor. The main sugar manufacturing enterprises raised supporting funds according to the standard of no less than 1:1, and a total of 13.24 million yuan was raised in three years.
  Strengthen standardized management. The Sugar Industry Development Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region formulates the Implementation Plan of the Demonstration Project Using Trichogramma to Prevent and Control Sugarcane Stem Borer every year, requiring sugar-making enterprises as the main body to implement the demonstration project of using Trichogramma to control sugarcane borer to radiate the promotion and application in the main producing areas Green pests and diseases prevention and control technologies have continuously improved the yield and quality of sugar cane and increased the supply of high-quality green products. Each demonstration area has an area of ​​no less than 30,000 mu and has a sugarcane borer pest monitoring and early warning system. Sugarcane farmers and sugar factory farm workers within the demonstration area must release bees in time according to the peak period of the borer moth.
  Innovative promotion model. Guangxi explored and summarized a set of innovative promotion models of”sugar industry authorities + sugar enterprises + specialized control companies + sugarcane farmers”. The county and district sugar industry authorities are mainly responsible for supervision and management, formulating specific implementation plans, and determining the site selection, technical route, service mode, and acceptance summary of the project demonstration area. Sugar enterprises organize and carry out the promotion and application of the technology of releasing bee borers, including organizing and carrying out the occurrence and prevalence of borer, investigation of the characteristics of damage and insect situation monitoring, technical publicity and training, determining the release time and carrying out the field release work, carrying out the effect tracking investigation, etc. . Specialized prevention and control companies rely on the advantages of the platform in the process of providing full-process services to sugar enterprises, and implement unified training, unified implementation, unified prevention and control, and unified standards for sugarcane farmers in the project demonstration area. Feeling the benefits of increasing production, increasing income and increasing sugar brought by new technologies for green prevention and control has driven the majority of sugarcane farmers to independently choose to use new technologies for green prevention and control of bee borers.
   Extensive training and demonstration. The demonstration area mainly adopts the form of video broadcasting of special bee release technology, distribution of publicity materials, and on-site explanations by technical personnel, to strengthen the understanding and knowledge of agricultural personnel, sugarcane farmers, and bee release personnel on the investigation methods of pests and diseases, and to improve the use of Trichogramma to control sugarcane borers techinque level. According to statistics, from 2018 to 2020, the demonstration zone has produced 735 special videos, distributed 8,600 promotional materials, and carried out 70 field demonstrations. The total number of trainees exceeded 2,500.
   The implementation effect is remarkable. Since 2018, the whole district has promoted and applied Trichogramma to control sugarcane borers in a demonstration area of ​​290,000 mu, accounting for 2.57%of the sugarcane planting area in Guangxi, achieving remarkable results. Through comprehensive evaluation and determination, the average sugarcane borer rate in the demonstration area is 26.5%, which is 31.06 percentage points lower than chemical control; the average node rate is 2.31%, a decrease of 6.39 percentage points; the average rate of tail docking (broken stem) is 2.21%, a decrease 2.88 percentage points. The average yield of sugar cane in the demonstration area was 5.91 tons/mu, an increase of 0.92 tons/mu; the average theoretical sugar cane content was 16.41%, an increase of 0.96 percentage points. The conventional chemical control area uses 0.5 kg/mu of pesticides, and the demonstration area basically does not use chemical pesticides. The comparison is obvious. The investment in sugarcane farmers’ prevention and control was 60 yuan per mu, with an average income increase of 456 yuan per mu, with an input-output ratio of 1:7.6.
   The relevant person in charge of the Sugar Development Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region stated that the application of Trichogramma to control sugarcane borers is a specific measure for the autonomous region to implement the”zero-growth action of pesticides”. In the next step, the Sugar Industry Development Office of the Autonomous Region will further increase demonstration and promotion efforts, strengthen the promotion and training of green prevention and control of sugarcane production, continuously improve the enthusiasm and initiative of sugar companies and sugarcane farmers in applying Trichogramma to control sugarcane borers, and accelerate the promotion of green prevention and control technologies Popularization and promotion in sugarcane production.
   (Chen Yongjun, Director of Sugar Development Department, Guangxi Sugar Office)