Guangxi:Online food shopping leads to dispute, judge awards ten times compensation
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   On December 22, 2020, the Zhongshan County People’s Court pronounced a judgment on an online shopping dispute, ruling to terminate the online shopping contract between the original and the defendant, and the defendant returned the original purchase price of 2,300 yuan and paid ten times the compensation 23,000 yuan.
   On April 23, 2019, the plaintiff Weng Mouyan purchased 10 bottles of juice from a store operated by the defendant Pan Moufang through Taobao. The unit price of each bottle was 230 yuan, and the total payment was 2,300 yuan. After receiving the goods, the plaintiff demanded to terminate the shopping contract between the two parties, refund 2,300 yuan, and pay 10 times the payment of 23,000 yuan on the grounds that there was no Chinese label on the outer packaging of the product involved and illegal addition of drugs that did not meet the food safety standards.
   The court found that according to Article 97 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, the juice sold by the defendant was imported pre-packaged food, and there was no paste on the packaging, and it could not be sold in China, and the product involved Adding ginseng, angelica and other raw materials does not meet my country’s food safety standards.
   At the same time, in accordance with Article 148, Paragraph 2 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China and Article 15 of the Provisions of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Laws in the Trial of Food and Drug Disputes, the defendant For the sale of food that does not meet the food safety standards, the plaintiff can request the defendant to pay ten times the amount of compensation, so the above judgment was made in accordance with the law.
  The judge warmly reminded:Internet consumption continues to heat up, and consumer rights disputes are also increasing. In the process of online shopping, consumers should choose regular merchants to buy food that meets food safety standards. When buying imported goods online, you should also pay attention to Chinese labels and other related content to ensure food safety and avoid disputes!