Get rid of the”deliciousness you can’t get rid of” to protect the safety on the table
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   A few days ago, Suning County People’s Procuratorate prosecuted a case involving the production and sale of toxic and harmful food. The defendant He Mou was sentenced to ten months in prison and fined 55,000 yuan by the Suning County Court. He runs a restaurant in Chunlin Street, Suning County. In order to attract customers, He illegally adds poppy shells to the base of beef noodles. After eating, people can’t stop eating, the restaurant is extremely hot, and it has become a”delicious food that can’t be given up”. Poppy husks contain morphine, cocaine, papaverine and other alkaloids that are harmful to the human body and are prohibited by the state. This kind of small restaurant has a wide range of sales and many victims. The procuratorial organs attach great importance to the case of He Mou suspected of producing and selling toxic and harmful food.
   At the same time, considering whether there are other stores in our county’s catering market by illegally adding poppy shells to attract customers, the Suning County Procuratorate issued procuratorial recommendations to the County Market Supervision Administration and the Food and Drug Supervision Brigade of the County Public Security Bureau. Intensive crackdown, special rectification activities against illegal addition of poppy husks to food; publicize reporting methods for illegal use of food additives, and establish a public reporting reward mechanism.
The New Year’s Day holiday is approaching, and relatives and friends meet for dinner and ensure the safety of the people at the table is the most”hearted” matter of the procuratorial organ. On December 30, 2020, the Suning County Procuratorate, in conjunction with the Food and Drug Supervision Brigade of the County Public Security Bureau, and the County Market Supervision Administration, launched a special food safety inspection activity. During the special event, the joint action team conducted inspections and surveys of hot pot restaurants, braised products shops, mala Tang, snack bars, etc. in the county, and used rapid food test agents for on-site sampling inspections. 15 restaurants were inspected on the same day and more than 40 food samples were tested. All of them were not positive.
  People take food as their heaven, and safety is the minimum requirement for food consumption. Based on the connection of criminal prosecution and public interest litigation prosecution functions with administrative law enforcement, procuratorial organs severely crack down on criminal activities that endanger food safety, maintain the order of food market management, and earnestly protect the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the masses.