Ganzhou City Holds 2020 Cateringware Food Safety Risk Exchange Conference
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   In order to further strengthen risk communication, improve the level of food safety governance, and promote the joint construction and sharing of food safety. On December 31, 2020, the Ganzhou Municipal Supervision Bureau held a 2020 catering equipment food safety risk warning exchange meeting. The fourth-level investigator Guo Suhua of the Ganzhou Municipal Supervision Bureau presided over the meeting. The relevant persons in charge of the Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Education Bureau, Gannan Normal University, Jiangxi Vocational College of Applied Technology, Ganzhou Teachers College and other units, and relevant departments of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau A total of more than 20 persons in charge and representatives of some production units attended the meeting.
   The meeting notified Ganzhou City’s tableware food safety sampling monitoring data and information in the past two years, and conducted early warning exchanges on the city’s tableware food safety risks, aiming to accurately find out the reasons for the unqualified tableware through communication and take effective Measures will be taken to reduce food safety risks, jointly improve the product quality of the city’s catering equipment, and protect the health and safety of the people. All relevant departments conducted discussions and exchanges in terms of product control, cause investigation, implementation of rectification, administrative punishment, and information disclosure, sorted out the food safety risk points of the department, and proposed risk prevention and control measures and the next step of work.
  The meeting emphasized that all relevant functional departments and departments should fully understand the importance of food safety risk early warning communication, timely report food safety supervision information, increase food safety risk communication, and continuously discover hidden dangers, analyze causes, and solve them through interactive communication Issues, effectively prevent and resolve risks, and form a good pattern of social co-governance for food safety; strengthen measures, implement territorial supervision responsibilities, and list unqualified food production and use units as key objects; solid rectification and reforms must be made to promote enterprises to implement their main responsibilities , Carry out self-inspection seriously, actively investigate risk factors, and take the initiative to take effective rectification measures to ensure food safety.