Gansu Province issued the”Gansu Province Food Safety Social Supervisor Management Measures (Trial)”
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   In order to establish a sound social supervision mechanism for food safety, stimulate multiple forces to participate in food safety governance, and strive to build government leadership, departmental management and supervision, corporate self-discipline and responsibility, and industry standards Guide, media publicity and supervision, and public participation in food safety and social co-governance patterns, and actively create a good atmosphere for food safety and social co-governance. The Gansu Provincial Food Safety Commission has formulated the”Gansu Province Food Safety Social Supervisor Management Measures (Trial)”.

   The method is clear, and the food safety social supervisor is a person who has the willingness to participate in food safety social supervision and supervises food production and operation activities and government supervision work in accordance with the duties assigned by the method Food safety volunteer representatives should play the role of supervision, publicity, liaison, and information reporting. The offices of food safety committees at all levels are responsible for appointing food safety social supervisors, and should strengthen daily contacts and establish systems for work communication, daily management, assessment and training.

The establishment of    food safety social supervisor team will effectively mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm of the people to participate in food safety supervision and form a co-governance of orderly participation and strong supervision of the public Pattern and continuously improve the satisfaction of the people on food safety.