Fundamentally ensure national food security-Tang Renjian, director of the Central Agriculture Office and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, talks about hot topics in the work of”agriculture, rural areas and farmers” in 2021
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   New year begins. 2021 is the first year of the”14th Five-Year Plan”, and it is of great significance to maintain stable food production. The Central Economic Work Conference emphasized to solve the problems of seeds and arable land, it is necessary to carry out the technical research of seed source”stuck neck”, and is determined to fight a turnaround in the seed industry.

   How to solve the two key issues of seed and cultivated land in the next step? Can the Chinese people continue to hold their jobs firmly in their hands? A few days ago, during the investigation of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Tang Renjian, director of the Central Agriculture Office and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, reporters conducted interviews on the above-mentioned hot issues.

   Seize the two key points of the”two Tibet” strategy

   As one of the eight key tasks of economic work in 2021, solving the problems of seeds and cultivated land has attracted widespread public attention.

   Tang Renjian said that the Central Economic Work Conference held not long ago proposed to solve the problems of seeds and arable land. The core logic is to ensure national food security. The key to ensuring food security lies in the implementation of the strategy of storing grain on the ground and storing grain on technology. Seeds and cultivated land are the two key points of the”two-Tibet” strategy.

  ”Seeds are the’chips’ of agriculture, and cultivated land is the’lifeblood’ of food production. Only by grasping these two key points can we fundamentally establish To ensure national food security.” He said.

  Tang Renjian said that 2021 is a year of special importance in the process of my country’s modernization drive. The”14th Five-Year Plan” begins, a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. The opening is also the centenary of the founding of the party. It is of great significance to maintain the stability of food production. The agricultural and rural system has issued a”military order” to ensure that the annual grain output is stabilized at more than 1300 billion jin, and strive to stabilize and increase. Specifically, it is to achieve”two stability and one increase”:

  ——Stabilize rations and ensure absolute safety of rations. The area expanded for southern double-cropping rice in 2020 cannot be reduced, and yield must be increased at the same time; Huanghuaihai and Northwestern regions of wheat The area should strive to recover.

  ——Stabilize soybeans, continue to implement the soybean revitalization plan, strive to stabilize the area at more than 140 million mu, increase yield and quality, and ensure edible soybeans used in soybean products Domestic self-sufficiency.

  ——Increase corn, focusing on expanding the corn area in the Northeast and Huanghuaihai regions.

   He said that to ensure national food security, it is also necessary to strengthen policy guarantees, supplemented by benefits and supplemented by justice. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will work with relevant departments to further consolidate the obligations and responsibilities of local party committees and governments to ensure that the grain planting area is implemented. At the same time, it will improve the subsidy policy for grain farmers and the compensation mechanism for the benefits of main grain producing areas, and mobilize farmers to grow grain and local governments to focus on agriculture. The enthusiasm of food. According to the analysis by the Meteorological Department, the probability of extreme droughts and floods has increased this year, and the threat of pests and diseases such as Spodoptera exigua still exists. It is necessary to formulate plans in advance to monitor and prevent them.

   Carrying out”stuck neck” technical research

   my country clearly proposes to carry out technical research on seed source”stuck neck”. Does it mean that the seed industry is unsafe?

   Tang Renjian said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the development of modern seed industry has achieved remarkable results. The area of ​​self-selected varieties of crops accounts for more than 95%. The two major ration crops of rice and wheat are 100%self-sufficient. The provenance of corn, soybeans, and pigs is guaranteed to be based in the country. At present, foreign-funded enterprises account for about 3%of my country’s seed market share, and imported seeds account for 0.1%of the national seed consumption. In general, my country’s seed supply is guaranteed and risks are controllable.

  ”The independent innovation of my country’s seed industry does have a gap with developed countries. For some varieties, fields, and links, if there is an extreme supply cut, it will”Dead”, but it will indeed affect the speed, quality and efficiency of agricultural development.” He said.

  Tang Renjian said that the seed industry should be taken as a key task in the”14th Five-Year” agricultural science and technology research and agricultural and rural modernization, and the implementation of seed sources should be accelerated.”Technological research, maintain the competitive advantages of rice, wheat and other varieties, narrow the gap between corn, soybeans, live pigs, dairy cows and other varieties and the international advanced level, resolutely win the battle of the seed industry, and ensure that China’s bowls are mainly filled with Chinese grains. Use Chinese species.

   lay the foundation for seed industry innovation

  During the investigation of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Tang Renjian came to the construction site of the new national crop germplasm bank to understand the progress of the project, and went to the current national crops with a history of more than 30 years The germplasm resource bank, in a warehouse dressed in cotton clothes at minus 18 degrees Celsius, asked researchers about the conservation of resources.

  The Central Economic Work Conference proposed to strengthen the protection and utilization of germplasm resources and strengthen the construction of seed banks. What’s the point?

  Tang Renjian said that to promote seed industry innovation, we must first lay a solid foundation, and the germplasm bank is one of the important foundations. The current national crop germplasm resource bank in this investigation has a capacity of 400,000 copies and currently holds 440,000 copies of germplasm resources. A new resource bank will be built and used this year, which can store 1.5 million copies of germplasm resources, ranking No. 1 in the world. One.

  ”Many varieties that we are familiar with, such as Jingxi rice and Tianjin Xiaozhan rice, will be kept as strategic resources for a long time in this library. This is for seed industry Innovative material basis. We will also simultaneously promote the construction of livestock, poultry and marine fishery germplasm resources.” He said.

  Tang Renjian said that my country has formed three national seed industry bases in Hainan, Gansu and Sichuan. In particular, the construction of the National Southern Propagation Research and Breeding Base in Hainan is building a”Southern Propagation Silicon Valley” that integrates scientific research, production, sales, scientific and technological exchanges, and achievement transformation. The next step is to continue to improve the level of base construction to provide basic guarantee for crop breeding.

   consolidate the “life roots” of grain production

   Cultivated land is the”lifeblood” of food production. How to protect it effectively? Tang Renjian said that my country uses 9%of the world’s arable land to feed 20%of the world’s population, but it has also increased the long-term high-intensity use and degradation of arable land. With the rapid progress of urbanization and industrialization, high-quality arable land resources have become more in short supply.

   To solve the problem of cultivated land, we will mainly start from two aspects in the future:

   On the one hand, ensure the amount of arable land, resolutely curb”non-agriculturalization” and prevent”non-grainization”. 1.8 billion acres of arable land is the bottom line for food. This red line must be firmly maintained, and limited arable land resources must be given priority to food production.

   On the other hand, to vigorously improve the quality of cultivated land, the main focus is the construction of high-standard farmland. During the”Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, my country has built large-scale high-standard farmland. In the past two years, 80 million mu of high-standard farmland has been built to ensure harvest during droughts and floods each year, which has played an important role in the grain harvest. This year plans to build 100 million mu of high-standard farmland, and the task volume has increased by 25%over last year. It is necessary to supervise and guide all localities to complete the target tasks.

   The necessary capital investment is the guarantee of the project quality. For the construction of 1 mu of high-standard farmland, it is generally reported that more than 2500 yuan is needed in various regions, and some hilly areas need more investment. Where does the money come from? Tang Renjian said that multiple channels are needed to raise construction funds. On the one hand, it is necessary to increase financial investment; on the other hand, it is necessary to promote the establishment of a diversified financing mechanism, promote the use of government bonds and the use of land transfer revenue policies, and put all the new arable land indicator adjustment proceeds from high-standard farmland construction into high-standard farmland construction. It is necessary to encourage the active participation of social and financial capital.

  Consolidate the results of poverty alleviation with rural revitalization

   The 2020 poverty alleviation task was completed on schedule. The Central Economic Work Conference called for the consolidation and expansion of the results of poverty alleviation, resolutely preventing the occurrence of large-scale poverty return, and effectively connecting with rural revitalization.

  Tang Renjian said that although the face of poverty-stricken areas and the lives of people who have been lifted out of poverty have undergone earth-shaking changes, the level of economic and social development in poverty-stricken areas is still relatively backward, and the income level of people who have been lifted out of poverty is still relatively high. low. After the task of poverty alleviation is completed as scheduled, we must do a good job in rural revitalization, use rural revitalization to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation, and ensure that underdeveloped areas and rural low-income population keep up with the pace of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

   He said that after the completion of the poverty alleviation goals and tasks, for counties that have escaped poverty, a five-year transition period will be established from the date of poverty alleviation, and leadership during the transition must The system, work system, development plan, policy measures, assessment mechanism, etc. are effectively connected, and the smooth transition from centralized resources to support poverty alleviation to comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization,”helping the horse” and”getting it off”.

   The next step is to plan and develop characteristic rural industries with poverty alleviated counties as the unit to promote industrial upgrading and upgrading; continue to increase support for infrastructure construction in poverty alleviated areas, according to Implement unified deployment of rural construction activities, support poverty alleviation areas to promote rural toilet revolution, domestic garbage and sewage treatment, and improvement of village appearance in accordance with local conditions.