From January to November, milk production of Belarusian Agricultural Organization increased by 5.7%
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Belarus News Agency, December 27, Minsk, Belarusian Ministry of Agriculture and Food stated that from January to November this year, domestic agricultural organizations raised 1.631 million tons of livestock and poultry (live weight), an increase of 3.5%year-on-year, and produced 6.895 million tons of milk. An increase of 5.7%. In recent years, the domestic dairy farms in Belarus have maintained a relatively high work efficiency with good indicators. The profit margin of milk sales in the first nine months of this year was 22.1%, higher than 19.6%in the same period last year, and the profit margin of high-quality milk reached 60%. Since the beginning of the year, milk sales accounted for 90.2%of production, an increase of 0.6%year-on-year.

  In order to continue to promote the production speed of livestock products, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food will work with local governments to formulate short-term and medium-term strategic development directions, focusing on continuing to carry out resources protection and technology-intensive production.