Food prices in South Africa will rise sharply in 2020
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   According to the South African Business Technology website on January 5, the latest study by the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group (PEJDG) shows that the overall increase in South African food prices throughout 2020 It reached 17%, far higher than the 3.2%inflation rate of the year. In December 2020, the total monthly price paid by South African households for a package of food was 4002.42 rand, slightly lower than the data in November, but an increase of nearly 520 rand compared to December last year. It is worth noting that the sharp increase in staple food prices has led to a dramatic increase in the cost of food baskets. The growth rates of jelly beans, rice, bread, and flour were 68%, 67.2%, 34.3%, and 32.9%, respectively. The monthly food expenditure cost of 4000 rand has far exceeded South Africa’s legal minimum wage (3500 rand), and the 30.4 million people living below the poverty line (monthly income of 1268 rand) have long been overwhelmed.