Exposure table! The Market Supervision Bureau of Linyi County, Dezhou City released the first typical case of failure to fulfill the responsibility of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control
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   In order to prevent the spread of the new crown pneumonia virus through imported cold chain foods and strengthen the traceability management of imported cold chain foods, according to the Dezhou City Leading Group for Coordination of Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation The Announcement on Supervision Special Warehouses and the Provincial Party Committee’s Leading Group for Coordinating Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation Work (Command)’s Supplementary Notice on Further Clarifying the Scope of Inspection and Disinfection for Imported Cold Chain Foods In the prevention and control of food chain food epidemics, all actions found that do not implement cold chain food epidemic prevention and control measures shall be closed for rectification, publicly exposed, incorporated into the integrity system, and implemented joint punishment; if the epidemic spreads, it shall be transferred to the public security agency for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. The first typical case in our county is now announced.
   Linyi County Chuanhua Livestock and Poultry Trading Co., Ltd. purchased imported cold-chain food but failed to enter the centralized supervision warehouse and was ordered to suspend business for rectification.
   On December 22, 2020, Linyi County Chuanhua Livestock and Poultry Trading Co., Ltd. will purchase 27.21 tons of frozen pig heads from Tianjin Jiajie Logistics Co., Ltd. (origin:Netherlands, import port:Beijing Tongzhou Port)”Incoming Goods Inspection and Quarantine Certificate”,”Imported Goods Declaration Form”,”Disinfection Certificate”,”Nucleic Acid Test Certificate”,”Beijing Jingu Hengtong Co., Ltd. Outgoing Form” shall be submitted to the Market Supervision Office of Hengyuan Sub-district Office of Linyi County Record. Upon on-site inspection by the Market Supervision Institute, the sales unit did not implement the Shandong Province cold chain food epidemic prevention and control measures, and did not enter the Dezhou centralized supervision warehouse in accordance with the regulations during the process of purchasing and storing imported cold chain foods for testing and disinfection. The Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation (Headquarters)”Working Plan on Strictly Controlling the First Pass of Imported Cold Chain Food and Setting up a Centralized Supervision Warehouse to Carry out Nucleic Acid Testing and Preventive Comprehensive Disinfection” (Lu Zhiban (2020) 114), issued a notice of suspension of business for rectification, and ordered it to suspend business for rectification.
  Linyi County Chuanhua Livestock and Poultry Trading Co., Ltd. commissioned a third party to carry out nucleic acid testing and preventive comprehensive disinfection of the goods on December 26 and 27, 2020 respectively. On December 27, the third-party testing agency and the disinfection unit issued the”Imported Cold Chain Food New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Test Results” and”Imported Cold Chain Food Comprehensive Disinfection Record Certificate”, and the test results were negative. It has now been unblocked and sold on the market.
   In the next step, the Linyi County Market Supervision Bureau will further strengthen the key inspections of imported cold chain food related units, strictly investigate the”eight no” behaviors of imported cold chain food, regulate the order of imported cold chain food market operations, and actively maintain imports The safe consumption environment of cold-chain foods will make every effort to ensure the “safety on the tip of the tongue” of the masses.

   Important reminder
  1. All imported cold chain foods used, processed, sold and stored in Texas from other provinces shall first enter the centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain foods or enterprise warehouses established in our city for nucleic acid testing and comprehensive preventive measures Sterilize and report through the”Shandong Cold Chain Food Epidemic Prevention and Control Management System” (hereinafter referred to as”Shandong Cold Chain”) 24 hours in advance.
  2. Check the”Three Cold Chain Certificates” and implement the”Three Specialized Management”. When producing, selling, using and storing imported cold-chain food, import cold-chain food production and operation entities and cold storage must use “Shandong Cold-chain” to inquire about “cold-chain three certificates” and other information; store imported cold-chain food in a special area, not Mixed with other foods for storage and sales, special counters should be set up in sales places, and sales should be carried out by dedicated personnel.
  3. The sales unit of imported cold chain food shall print the traceable source code in batches through”Shandong Cold Chain”, publicize it in a prominent position at the counter, and clearly indicate it as imported cold chain food. Consumers can use the”Scan” function of WeChat, Alipay, and Aishan to scan the traceability source code posted by the sales unit to view the traceability information of the batch of imported cold chain food.
   At the same time, the Linyi County Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers that before buying imported cold chain food, pay attention to scanning the code to check the”three cold chain certificates”, and do not buy, eat, or have no”three cold chain certificates” or Imported cold chain food with incomplete”three cold chain certificates”. If you find the above violations of laws and regulations, please call 12345 to report.