exposure! Qingdao Laixi’s illegal distribution of imported cold chain foods was strictly investigated
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   On December 31, 2020, the cold chain management and control department of the normalized epidemic prevention and control work in Laixi City received a report from the cold chain management and control department of the Jimo district , Said that a batch of imported frozen food purchased by a commercial bank in Laixi City from outside the province has not been disinfected in Jimo’s centralized supervision warehouse and flowed into Laixi City. On the same day, the Cold Chain Management and Control Department organized the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau to investigate and dispose of the commercial bank involved.

   After investigation, Laixi Erniang Commercial Bank purchased 3.36 tons of Brazilian frozen chuck from Tianjin Kangyuan Food Co., Ltd. The batch of goods failed to comply with the regulations 24 hours in advance in the”Shandong Cold Chain” system, without the detection and processing of the special warehouse of Jimo centralized supervision, that is, at 3 a.m. on December 31, 2020, it will enter the container unloading at No.153 Shidao Middle Road, Laixi City.

   The firm ignores the current severe situation of the epidemic, ignores the relevant regulations on imported cold chain food, and violates Shandong Province’s”Regarding the Strictly Settlement of Imported Cold Chain Food The Work Plan for Supervising Special Warehouses to Carry out Nucleic Acid Testing and Preventive Comprehensive Disinfection (Lu Zhiban Fa [2020] No. 114) and Qingdao’s “Notice on Strengthening Centralized Nucleic Acid Testing and Preventive Comprehensive Disinfection of Imported Cold Chain Foods” (Green Zhifa (2020) No. 34) related regulations have brought serious hidden dangers to the overall situation of the city’s epidemic prevention and control.

   At 11 am on December 31, 2020, the staff of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau seized the batch of imported frozen chuck meat on the spot and ordered the firm to close immediately Rectification; the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted 13 nucleic acid samples of goods, environment, and personnel, and the results were all negative; the Municipal Department of Special Class Isolation Site Management and Control Department quarantined the person in charge of the firm and the staff in contact with the batch of products; The firm refused to implement the decision and order under the emergency, and the public security organ imposed administrative penalties in accordance with the”Public Security Management Punishment Law”.

   There is no small matter for epidemic prevention and control. The majority of imported cold chain food operators are requested to learn from this case and strictly abide by the city’s epidemic prevention and control regulations. For failure to implement 24-hour advance filing, not cooperate with centralized supervision, do not enter the centralized supervision warehouse for testing and disinfection, do not use”Shandong Cold Chain” and”Qingdao Cold Chain”, do not ask for certificates, do not store in partitions, do not display code sales , As well as other behaviors that fail to implement the province’s cold chain food epidemic prevention and control measures, all businesses will be closed for rectification, publicly exposed, incorporated into the integrity system, and joint punishments will be implemented; if the epidemic spreads, criminal responsibility will be investigated in accordance with the law.

   Please check the cold chain food traceability source code when purchasing imported cold chain food, check the import information of cold chain food and the inspection and quarantine qualification status of incoming goods; When you find any violation of the cold chain food epidemic prevention and control regulations, please actively report to the Laixi City Market Supervision Bureau.

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