Dongguan Food Safety Warning:Be cautious in soaking and drinking self-made wine
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   Recently, there have been cases of self-drinking alcohol poisoning in some areas. In order to prevent similar accidents from recurring and protect the health and safety of the people, the Dongguan Municipal Market Supervision Administration issued the following consumer warning:the general public should be scientifically and cautiously making wine for their own medicine, and do not drink wine made from unknown Chinese herbal medicines, and beware of food poisoning And the occurrence of deaths. At the same time, illegal brewing and sales of brewed wine by food business units are strictly prohibited.

   1. There are so many kinds of Chinese medicinal materials that are difficult to distinguish, so be careful to use Chinese medicinal materials to make wine. Do not blindly make or drink medicinal liquor, do not buy or drink medicinal liquor of unknown origin, such as unlabeled or unlabeled soaking medicinal materials. If there is a need for self-prepared liquor for health maintenance, do not buy bulk liquor of unknown origin, no legal production company information, and no test report to make pharmaceutical liquor. It should be carried out under the guidance of Chinese physicians and Chinese pharmacists, and purchase drugs from regular pharmacies .

  Second, you should not trust the secret recipes and folk remedies at will, and avoid blindly brewing the secret recipes and folk remedies without understanding the properties of the medicine.

  三. Gutchangcao (big tea medicine), aconite, aconite, etc. are very toxic, and should be strictly distinguished and distinguished, and it is strictly forbidden to use them to make pharmaceuticals liqueur.

  4. Food business units shall strictly follow the provisions of the Food Safety Law, and shall not illegally use Chinese herbal medicines to brew wine, and shall not sell brewed wine without legal sources .

   5. After drinking brewed wine, if you experience nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, numbness, general fatigue and other symptoms of poisoning, you should take measures such as vomiting immediately. And seek medical attention as soon as possible.