Domestic self-propelled potato combine harvesting machine fills the gap of potato combine harvesting technology
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   Recently, under the funding of the Science and Technology Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the National Key R&D Program, and the National Modern Agricultural Industrial Technology System, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research The 4UZL-1 small self-propelled potato combine harvester independently created by the green farming and fruit harvesting mechanization innovation team of the institute has made new breakthroughs.

   The green farming and sub-soil fruit harvesting mechanization innovation team of Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, according to the urgent needs of the industry, closely follows the actual situation of potato production in China, and focuses on potato The development of mechanized combine harvesting equipment. This year, on the basis of the preliminary research and development, the first round of prototypes has found problems, with high-quality, high-efficiency, low-loss, and multi-function as the main control goals. Method, focusing on overcoming and optimizing modularization, profiling suppression depth limit, floating anti-entanglement cutting grass, low-loss potato soil separation, potato seedling separation, adjustable three-stage lifting and conveying, potato chunks smooth transfer, potato chunks multi-channel efficient separation Key technologies such as picking and bagging. Associate researcher Wang Bing, the backbone of the team, and related comrades and cooperating companies cooperated with the prototype trial production. It took 3 months to complete the trial production and installation and commissioning of the prototype; from November to December 2020, they went to Dezhou, Tengzhou, Shandong, and Huaian, Jiangsu. Carried out potato and sweet potato field harvest experiments. The test results show that the equipment operates smoothly and reliably, has strong adaptability, good harvest quality, and has good application prospects. During the trial production and test period, agricultural machinery management, promotion departments and manufacturing companies in Gansu, Shandong and Jiangsu made a special trip to the site for on-site operations Visited and expressed a strong desire for cooperation and promotion and application.
Domestic self-propelled potato combine harvesting machine fills the gap of potato combine harvesting technologyimage
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