Dazhou City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau held a reminder meeting on alcohol sales price behavior
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  In order to regulate the price order of the alcohol sales market, create a safe and comfortable market consumption environment. Recently, Dazhou City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau organized the city’s liquor sales enterprise representatives to convene the city’s liquor sales price behavior reminder meeting.
  The meeting required that alcohol sales companies should strengthen industry self-discipline, earnestly implement the clearly marked price system, and earnestly ensure that the price tag is complete and the content of the price is true and eye-catching. It does not sell products at a price increase in addition to the price, and must not exceed the normal storage quantity and storage period Malicious hoarding, do not use monopoly or exclusive dominant position to manipulate market prices, do not publish misleading price information, fabricate and spread false information, do not engage in various forms of price collusion, price bidding, and price fraud.
   Representatives of participating companies have expressed that they will seriously conduct self-examination and self-correction around the content of the warning and strengthen industry self-discipline. In the future operations, we must operate in a benign manner, be a conscientious enterprise, earnestly assume corporate social responsibilities, and jointly create a healthy and orderly alcohol consumption market.
   In the next step, the market supervision department will strengthen the price supervision of the liquor sales market, increase the investigation and exposure of illegal cases, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.