Dare to solicit business under the sign of”river fish”? Check carefully!
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   In September 2020, in order to implement a comprehensive ban on arrest, the three bureaus of Chengdu Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Chengdu Public Security Bureau, and Chengdu Market Supervision Bureau jointly issued”Notice on the implementation of a comprehensive ban on arrest in the city’s natural waters.”

   The”Notice” clearly stated that,The ban on arrest includes the natural waters of the entire city of Chengdu,< /span>The arrest period will start at 0:00 on September 1, 2020, and the arrest period will be tentatively set at 10 years. During the fishing ban, any organization or individual is prohibited from engaging in productive fishing of fishery resources within natural waters.

  *If fishing is required due to the use of specific fishery resources, scientific research and investigation, seed breeding, etc., special management shall be implemented in accordance with relevant national and provincial regulations.

  , but some people do not listen to persuasion, specifically to step on this”thunder” and use the”river fish” as a gimmick to mislead consumers.

   Recently, law enforcement officers of the Dayi County Market Supervision Bureau found a certain person in Huashuiwan Township, Dayi County during a The restaurant is marked with a slogan”Xiaoheyu” on the glass on the exterior wall, and all four menus are marked with a dish named”Specialty Xiaoheyu”.

   After preliminary verification, the restaurant has no river catches for sale, and the fish it sells are actually artificially farmed. The parties deliberately marked the menu prohibiting fishing in order to solicit business The behavior of the catch is suspected of false propaganda. The Market Supervision Bureau of Dayi County has filed a case for investigation of the restaurant according to law and ordered it to make rectification.

  Next, we will combine with the launch of”Spring Thunder Action 2021″ to severely crack down on market sales of illegal fishing catches and illegal advertising in the Yangtze River Basin,< span style="font-size:14px;"> Effectively cut off the market sales industry chain, protect the ecological safety of the Yangtze River Basin.

   Next, the Supervisor Xiong will give you some popular science, what you must not do during the fishing ban.
  These are illegal activities

  ● It is forbidden to use trawling nets, purse nets, ground cage nets, nets, rolling hooks and other prohibited fishing gear;

  ● It is prohibited to use electricity, poison, explosion and other prohibited methods to fish;

  ● It is prohibited to purchase, process, sell and utilize illegally caught fish;

  ● It is forbidden to publish advertisements containing the above prohibited content.

   Violation of the ban will be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the Fisheries Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.

   Operators should also pay attention to when publishing advertisements, some words that are prohibited by advertisements cannot be used.

  These are prohibited words for advertising< /div>

  ▲ Wild Yangtze River Fish, Wild River Fresh Fish, Wild River Fresh, Yangtze River Wild Fish, Yangtze River Aquatic Products, Wild Aquatic Products, Yangtze River Fish, Yangtze River Fresh, River Fresh, River Knife, Yangtze River fisheries, Yangtze sturgeon, Yangtze finless porpoise, wild aquatic products, Chinese sturgeon, Yangtze river shad, saury, puffer fish, bream, Yangtze saury, yellow catfish, mullet, gorge barb, seabass, long snake鮈, long-body mandarin, etc.;

  ▲ The aquatic products, freshwater and wild fish of the inland rivers of the Yangtze River Basin in Chengdu, including Minjiang (Minjiang fish, Minjiang fresh, Minjiang wild fish), Heishi River (Heishi River Aquatic Products, Heishi River Fresh, Heishi River Wild Fish), Jinma River (Jinma River Aquatic Products, Jinma River Fresh, Jinma River Wild Fish), Jiang’an River (Jiang’an River Aquatic Products, Jiang’an River Freshwater, Jiang’an River Wild Fish);

  ▲ Fishing, fried fish, poisoned fish, electric fish, household nets, bedding nets, rolling hooks, ground cage nets, trawl nets, fish piles, giant nets, natural Fisheries etc.

  If you find illegal behavior, you can report it

  Any unit or individual must strictly abide by the”Notice on the Implementation of a Comprehensive Ban on Arrest in the City’s Natural Waters” and have the obligation to report any violation of the regulations . Report phone:

   Chengdu Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau 028-61883500;

   Chengdu Public Security Bureau 110, 028-86409600;

   12315, Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Bureau.

  Source | Chengdu Market Supervision, Dayi County Market Supervision Administration