Christmas sales are sluggish, and annual seafood exports from the west coast of India may drop by 30%
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   Hindu Business Line reported that in the 2020/21 fiscal year (as of March 31), the value of seafood exports from Kerala, India may fall by 30-40%compared to the same period last year. In the 2019/20 fiscal year, the state’s exports exceeded 50 billion rupees (US$685 million).
   reported that Indian seafood exporters are facing dual pressures from the European and Chinese markets. During the Christmas period, sales are sluggish, refrigerated container capacity is insufficient, and ports are severely delayed.
   Kerala Seafood Export Association President Alex K. Ninan told the media that since the discovery of the new crown virus variant in Europe, many countries have once again called for travel restrictions, demand for seafood continues to decline, and trade trends between India and the EU Yu nervous. China is India’s second largest marine product market, after the United States. Due to delays in Chinese ports, a large number of Indian exporters have not received the payment in arrears in time, and 90%of the goods shipped to China in the past three months have experienced problems. In the United States, although demand is still there, prices have fallen by 20%due to overstocking.
  ”For existing Chinese customers, we require them to pay 100%advance payment.” Ninan said.
   According to statistics from India’s Seafood Export Development Authority (MPEDA), from April to September 2020 (the first half of fiscal year 2020), India exported 103,000 tons of seafood to China, a year-on-year decrease of 31%. It was 33.7 billion rupees; the US export volume was 135,000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 18%, and the value was 85.51 billion rupees; the EU market export volume was 59,800 tons, a 25%year-on-year decrease, and the value was 24.8 billion rupees.
   In October, India’s total shrimp output to the United States fell by 6%year-on-year, and its export value fell by 5%year-on-year. Lakkaraju Satyanarain, the former chairman of the All India Shrimp Seed Association, pointed out that the price of vannamei shrimp in India has risen in the past month. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have encountered hurricanes and heavy rainfall. Exporters are facing large-scale raw materials (40 per kilogram). -50) The problem of shortage.